Effective communication solutions must go beyond product heritage and attributes, to touch the senses and do this in an enduring way. The Graphics team starts with the creative strategy as part of a four step process to create powerful brands and visual communication solutions... MORE
We aim to deliver value beyond design by producing dynamic online solutions with creativity and technical know-how. The Digital design team drives the development of award winning, highly trafficked websites, utilising proven tools, innovation and traditional design expertise... MORE
Recognising the possibilities for increased revenues, reduced costs, and healthier customer and employee relationships, the Interactive (digital signage) team develop and deliver state of the art applications and dynamic content that is relevant and engaging to ensure solution investment returns... MORE

Corporate Design and Communication

NeoPurple is one of the few companies which can truly take the beginnings of an idea and deliver a mature concept to market embracing all aspects of design, production and end-user communication.

For over 30 years NeoPurple has worked with Australian and international companies to assist them, via design, to make their business strategies, products and services visible, desirable and compelling …we call this approach ‘Communication by Design’.

In Partnership with Digital Hive, NeoPurple can ensure results in the following areas of expertise:-

  • Graphic Design - cut-through creative and brand creation
  • Digital Design – sophisticated websites, online communication and mobile applications
  • Interactive Design  – compelling motion graphics, digital signage, content scheduling and management

Our single-minded objective, in all we undertake and do, is to deliver for our clients an unmistakable presence in the marketplace and to maximise the impact of the brand.

Design Works

Hydralyte web site design

Recent works include 37 websites, 5 digital signage solutions, 3 web applications, 10 corporate brands developed, various award winning graphic designs. To see more of what our web designers, graphic design and digital content creators have been up to click on one of the following:   Graphic Design  -   Digital Design  -  Interactive Design

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