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 In today’s environment, it is no longer enough to simply promote your products and services. successful businesses engage their customers on both intellectual and emotional levels. NeoPurple’s digital signage experts are perfectly placed to assist you in accomplish both goals while invigorating your bottom line.

For those of us in the business of providing great customer experiences, it comes down to planning and using technology, the goal is two-fold: Accomplish the task at hand, and make the customer feel good about how it was accomplished. Perhaps the task is to speed up a transaction; perhaps it is to solve a problem; or perhaps it is just to give the customer a great time. No matter the reason, NeoPurple will ensure the customer is part of the process and feels glad they took part.

At NeoPurple we assess your business to establish a clear understanding of why customers are interacting with your business and what do they want out of the relationship. Our four steps to building a customer-experience based solution are as follows:

  • Establish the customer needs and wants
  • Determine the business requirements and outputs
  • Assess current systems and integration of the new solution
  • Review available technologies to best satisfy the requirements

Ultimately it’s about the ‘wow’ factor. NeoPurple continually strive to provide an end user experience that gives the customer a reason to come back, a reason to want to use the system …no longer is the delivery of value to the customer enough; the experience now needs to resonate with the individual.


  • Content creation, scheduling and management
  •  Motion graphics / animation / video production
  •  Interactivity and GUI design
  •  Web, Email, SMS, Bluetooth campaign integration
  •  Event timetables and navigation applications
  •  News, Sport and Weather, templates with dynamic content
  •  Networked and stand-alone solutions
  •  Media player and panel hardware
  •  Digital media network management
  •  Media audit and effectivity reporting


“We launched the new packaging at a product roadshow for our store teams.
They were absolutely thrilled with the look of the new range.

Thanks again.”

Laura Ashmore
Buyer – Adairs Retail Group

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