Keep in touch with your Clients using MailChimp

Being in the startup stage of your business time becomes limited, and MailChimp offers the ideal software to use for various automated marketing campaigns, newsletters and creating and managing your mailing lists to stay in touch with both new and existing customers. It is simple and easy to use and have a free option for small businesses. For up to 2,000 subscribers the service is free, and when your business grew beyond that, they are still charging an excellent rate. Therefore, many users remain with MailChimp long after their business became a success.

What is MailChimp?

MailChimp is one of the largest marketing automation platforms and email marketing services. They offer extreme ease of use and is a user-friendly application, which put them in the rankings at the top of their field.

Easy to Use

Being a business owner of a small business or startup, time is limited, and you are not necessarily a design expert. MailChimp is, therefore, an excellent solution to get you onto the road to success with email marketing. No need to know HTML, MailChimp is there to create amazing newsletters and marketing campaigns for you.

After you have registered, you can immediately start on your first campaign. With a large selection of templates available, users can customize it to fit their content and create something which is exactly like they have imagined. Schedules can be built in, to be sent at times, which have the most punching power with your clients. With MailChimp you can set-up your entire email campaign, you can make sure that with automated emails new subscribers can immediately be welcomed to your business to convert subscribers to clients, any time of day.

One of the advantages which MailChimp is well-known for is the fact that they do put a large amount of effort in fighting spam triggers. Regardless of how brilliantly structured your newsletter is, if it goes directly into your recipient’s spam box, it will never be opened. MailChimp is very successful in making sure that your efforts land at the correct destination to be seen.

MailChimp is excellent on the integration of different kinds of marketing software. If you have a variety of tools in your shed of electronic marketing and data collection, then you want someone like MailChimp to do the integration for you. This saves you time and ensures that no data get lost. Regular updates to their site deliver a constant cutting-edge solution to your challenges. It can, however, be daunting to keep up to date with all the changes if you are not a regular visitor to the site.

What is MailChimp not?

It is not intended to be used in affiliate marketing and fact; their policy prohibits it completely. Therefore, if affiliated marketing is the name of the game you are in, best is probably to steer clear from signing up to MailChimp. For any other mailing and marketing challenges, MailChimp is one you should research as a promising solution to your needs.

Wix Mobile Websites

Wix is a well-known website builder that provides an easy to use interface where even beginners can create stunning websites. It has become a popular choice among everyone who wants a web site, including bloggers through to online store owners.

The website builder features a simple drag/drop feature that eliminates all the needs for coding as it’s done in the background for you. All you have to do is pick and choose the features you want and create the website of your dreams.

Since Wix used HTML5 software, it means your website would already be mobile compatible and include all the features you want. It even comes with a portable editing option that gives you the ability to add and remove elements from the mobile platform while also moving things around to provide a better experience.

Mobile Site Like an App

Wix offers a fantastic website builder that automatically includes the mobile section. However, if you develop your entire web sites for PC, you might find the mobile part to be a bit confusing and next up. This is the cause the website builder automatically includes most of the features your PC site offers, but since the screen sizes and layouts are different, you’ll find the mobile platform needs a bit of editing.

Luckily, the mobile editing section is even easier to use than the website builder as you can click on items to drag them around and get them in the right place for mobile users. It also includes different menu buttons, and you can change the way things appear on mobile without changing the layout of your PC-based website.

It also makes it possible to hide certain features on the mobile platform, which could include things such as pictures appearing in the background. Sometimes specific images don’t work as well on the mobile site as it does on PC. Therefore, the option to hide certain things make it a lot easier to get the mobile platform in order.

Wix also makes it possible to make your mobile website just as an app. You can prompt users to add the site to their homepage, which creates an app logo on their phones that takes them directly to the mobile website. This app logo can be set to feature your website logo, but you would need to fix this in the mobile settings of the website.

Making the Mobile Faster

One of the common problems with the Wix mobile website is speed. Many tend to use HD quality pictures on their PC site, which is excellent, but on mobile devices, you don’t see quite as high quality as the display is smaller.

The best way to increase the speed would be to either use smaller images in the background and on the pages itself or to remove the ones that don’t have to be there. This drastically increase is the loading speed, offering a better experience for users and gaining a higher rating on search engines.

Why the Wix Website Builder is the Best

Website builders have now become the way to go for those wanting to create their websites. There are so many platforms to choose from, and each of them has their benefits. So, how do you choose the right platform to build your website and get the best results?

The best place to start is with a website builder that lets you do it for free. This gives you the time to work out what the possibilities are and the impressive features you can get from these builders. You also want a platform that can do everything from page SEO setup through to hosting your website without costing you a considerable amount.

Most of the professional website builders require a fee before you can even access any of the building options and features. Therefore, we recommend getting started with Wix, which is one of the biggest and most popular platforms. Not only can you create multiple websites for free, but they also include hosting options for all levels. Wix is ideal for everything from blogging sites through to a large online store that does it all for you.

Over the years, many third-party app developers have come up with new features for Wix websites. These allow you to do even more by including new features that make the website experience even better for your visitors.

The Builder

Wix makes it easy to create a website exactly the way you want it. There are so many features and balding options that help you get the exact effect and layout.

The entire builder is based in your browser, meaning you don’t need to download any software to start and it’s 100% free to build the whole site. You would only pay once you want to connect your website to a domain, in which case they can provide the domain and even get your site up and running in no time. They do it all, including the Google logs you need to do to get your website to appear on the search engine.

The builder is impressive and easy to use as you drag and drop everything from text to HTML5 blocks that you can link up with codes and additional features. Every page has its setup as well, making it possible to get the best results and create a site that appears at the top of search engines.

It also comes with a mobile editor, meaning your website will be mobile ready for all your visitors. The entire platform uses HTML5 software, giving mobile users a fantastic experience, much like you’d get in an app. The mobile editor gives you the ability to add and remove certain features from the mobile platform and even adjust menu buttons and features for an even better smartphone and tablet experience.

Are Website Builders Worth Using?

Website builders are incredibly popular, and there are now multiple platforms which make it easy to drag and drop content, video links, pictures and all types of unique features. These things unique to take hours with code and cost a lot, but not, it doesn’t seem like we need the services of a website programmer anymore.

Platforms such as Wix and Weebly provide just about all the features you need to create anything from the most basic blog websites through to advanced affiliate sites or even online stores. The best part is, you can do it all yourself without having any prior experience at all.

So, how does it all work and how long would it take to build a website? Can you manage everything yourself and most importantly, would the site provide the same features as what you’d get from a programmer?

How it Works

These website builders don’t require any software as you can build in your browser on their website. You need an account, go through the tutorial and get building. Some of them would require a service fee to access the builder, but if you’re serious about creating your website, you can’t go wrong with the small fee.

You can choose from various templates or start from scratch by having a blank page where you can select features from the menu and drag them to the page in the layout and order you want.

You can change the content, pictures, add videos and even include other features such as backlinks and much more. Once you’re done creating, connect your website to a domain, use the SEO tools and get found on Google and other search engines quickly.

How Long will it Take?

If you’re creating just an essential website with one of two pages, it should take you anything more than a few hours, including the time you need to learn the platform. Of course, you can build a massive website with these builders that could take years, but there’s no reason you can’t keep building after launching the site. The builders are easy to use, and you have the option of hiding pages while you’re still editing.


Honestly, you might need some help with the SEO and keyword side of the website, especially if you’re trying to get the very best results. You can either read up about it or get someone to work out the best options for you, which ensures your content is relevant and found on search engines. These builders allow all the advanced SEO options, including everything from Alt text on pictures through to backlinks and tagging.

Why Programmers?

These builders have everything you need, but there are some places you might need the help of a professional. For example, to add HTML5 links or to get things looking right on mobile. Sure, you can do it yourself and learn about it, but if you want it done fast, it’s best to get in touch with one of the website programmers.

How to Build a Website with No Experience

Amazing technology advancements provide incredible features to everyone, including those that have no experience, allowing all to take part in the online world and own a website or even multiple sites.

Over the last few years, multiple website building platforms have made it much easier to design the exact site you want with drag and drop features, meaning there’s no code involved and you don’t need a degree in computer software to finish the site.

Platforms such as Squarespace, WIX and many others provide these simple and easy to use platform where you can create something more impressive than any web designer. These builders don’t just provide the basics but have become incredibly advanced in the website features you can choose. Therefore, you can do anything from a blog website with attractive themes and features through to an online store that does everything for you!

The best part of it all, when you choose WIX or even Jimdo, you get to start for free and take your time when designing your site. They don’t limit you while designing and they provide multiple subscription options to get your website connected to a domain and like on the internet. They even provide advanced website features, including SEO, meta titles and much more, allowing your site and all its content to appear on Google and quickly reach for the top.

Platforms such as Wix also include additional apps that you can add to the site. These would offer unique online store layouts, special website features, third-party SEO guidance and tools among many others.

How to Get Started

It’s really easy to get started with a website builder as you just need to register an account. Head over to Wix or Jimdo first as they provide free builders, which is the best way of getting into the whole site building side of things. You can either sign up with an email address or use the quick social media options such as Facebook.

Once you have an account, you’ll find your way around quickly as there are various options and tools to dive into. Be sure to check out the fees and that they are acceptable as you’ll need one of the packages to get your site to appear online.

Next, you can choose from thousands of templates, which are basically sites that have already been designed to give you a place to start. Once you have a template, it takes you into the website editing where the real action takes place. The editor will have a tutorial to show you around and a few of the features available. From there on, simply go through the options, check out how things work and don’t be afraid to try different things. It’s easy to remove things, change them and make them unique, so have fun!

Jimdo Website Builder

Jimdo has come one of the world’s most popular website builders for many reasons, including the free builder plan and the easy to use interface that doesn’t require any programming knowledge, meaning it’s a dragon and drop builder.

There are many options when it comes to drag and drop builders, including Squarespace, Wix and many others. So, why would you choose Jimdo above those and what makes it better? To find out, we start with the fees and pricing options, which all begins with a free website that doesn’t cost you anything at all, much like the option you get with Wix as well. The first option, which is ideal for official websites for bloggers and freelancers starts from just 60 EUR per year, and there’s also a business option for 180 EUR per year, which would include the online store and more features for the site itself.

Both the paid version includes free domains and even unique email address, which isn’t something you get with the primary Wix paid option. You need to pay extra for both the domain and email if you want to link your website or get a unique email.


The new and improved builder software provides an in-browser website builder that doesn’t require any software downloads at all. This means you can use the editor from anywhere and use any browser to put together the website of your dreams.

Before you begin, choose a template that gives you a similar layout as to what you want the website to look like. There are many to choose from, and they make it much easier to get an idea of what you can create with the Jimdo website builder.

Once you’re in the editor, hover your cursor over the page, and you’re sure to see section light up with a block around it. All of the highlighted items can be edited by simply clicking on it. For example, if you can to edit text, do so by selecting a block of text, click where you want to edit and start typing. Once you’re done, click on the blue save button and it saves automatically.

The great thing about the builder is that you can see how any new content affects the rest of your page elements, allowing you to make changes and immediately see any problems that might pop up.

To add other content, you can click on the plus symbol when a window appears. Here you can choose from various content types, including pictures, videos, social media links, HTML5 code and much more.

Once you select the file, it allows you to drag and edit the content, making it possible to fit it in precisely the way you want it to appear on your website. This applies to logos and just about any other building features, making Jimdo one of the easiest to use, even if it’s your first time building.

Squarespace Website Builder

Squarespace is yet another exciting website builder that provides a broad variety of features to help anyone create a site that has the functionality and features required to promote products, blogs, services and much more.

It’s easy to use and provide an in-browser building tool, meaning you don’t need to download any software and have the advantage of editing the website and its content from anywhere at any time.

There are loads of special features, making it a great comparison to other builders such as Wix and Weebly. So, let’s check out what Squarespace has to offer and how you can create your website from as little as $12 per month.

Build and Edit

When you get started, there’s no question about the audience SquareSpace targets as all their templates feature highly creative layouts that inspire new ideas and designs.

One of the template features that make them stand out is that you can see the actual website, allowing you to see how it works, the features the design includes and what you can change to make it your own. The new version 7 of the builder changed a few things to make it easier to use and include additional features that allow you to manage an online store and use advanced building features.

Once you’ve selected a template, it’s easy to edit the website by just clicking on anything you’d like to change. For example, if you want to change the font, size or content of the text, click on it and the menu pops up where you can choose from various options, styles, colours and much more. The same goes for other content, including pictures, videos and even backgrounds.

While editing, you might see a great bubble on the left, which indicates the option to add new content to the page. Just click on the bubble where you want to add content and instantly see the entire menu of options. This includes anything from standard text, to videos and social links and so much more. The list consists of everything you could want to add to your website and even gives you the option to add HTML5 code.

Once you’re done editing and want to see what it looks like to users, just hit the arrow in the top left-hand corner, which takes you to a preview of the website instantly. It features all the changes while keeping the things that you haven’t changed as well.


When you click on the settings, you’ll find the navigational features of your website, allowing you to reagent the layout in menus as well. Squarespace only allows two layers, which is enough for most users, but other builders tend to give you the option to multiple levels, making it easier for users to navigate through.

As with other website builders, the settings for each page includes the option to setup SEO, page titles and much more. This allows you to get your pages ranked a lot easier and it contains special keyword tools and features to give you the best results.

Weebly Website Builder

Last week we looked at the popular Wix website building platform that allows you to create a site with drag and drop features. Well, it’s certainly not the only one out there as other companies have the same idea and have improved on what Wix has to offer.

Even more significant than Wix is the Weebly platform that offers a similar variety of benefits while also including the simple drag and drop feature to provide access to all the tools you need.

Both of these website creators are excellent for all levels of design as you get to use the simple feature and create the most advanced modern websites that impress visitors as they scroll through and discover the products and services you provide.

Below, we take a closer look at the Weebly website builder and see how it works. There are a few things to take into consideration, but at the end of the day, it is straightforward to use, thanks to a direct and simplistic interface that allows you to change anything within just a few drags and options.

The Website Editor

If there is one thing about Weebly that’s become a huge advantage, it has to be how easy it is to add anything to your website. Selecting the build tab at the top provides a view of your web sites along with a massive menu on the side that includes all the options you need. The best part of it all, each option requires a simple drag and drop to add to the website page.
You can scroll through all the options, and you are sure to find the features you need. Not only can you drag and drop, but there are also HTML5 code options that make it easy to add advanced features such as games, 3D tools and much more.

Once you have added a feature to the website, it is entirely customizable, not only with the location but the colour and what it says as well. Let’s assume you want to add a button to the top of the page. You can drag and drop where you want it to go, select it and gain access to the editing features for text, colour, frames and much more, allowing you to make each option yours entirely!

Weebly Apps

No, we don’t mean you can create an app with Weebly, although they do offer a brilliant mobile feature as well. However, when we say apps, we expect the additional features you can add to your website.

Whether you want to add a Facebook Like indicator, make sharing possible, add advanced slideshows or even add a popup notification for your visitors, the best place to go would be to the app store in Weebly where thousands of third-party apps are available.

Some of these come with a low monthly fee, while others are 100% free. You can only check the prices and even alter the apps to suit your needs.

Why Wix is a Brilliant Website Builder

Wix is a drag and drops a website building tool that utilises HTML5 software. This gives you the advantage of creating a web site that is accessible on both computer and mobile platforms. The mobile platforms provide a website instead of an act, but the builder does include the option for users to add it as a homepage shortcut, basically making your site an app.

The builder is easy to use and provides straightforward functionality that makes it possible for everyone to create their web sites without having to pay developers. Wix has created a broad variety of options that give you the ability to develop modern sites that include advanced features for your visitors. Whether you are creating a simple blog or a sophisticated website for a company, Wix has the tools you need.

How to Get Started with Wix

The great thing is, when you decide to create a website with Wix, you don’t need to fork out loads of cash or even download any software. It is all done with your browser, and you can create a free web site within just a few hours, depending on how much info you include of course.

All you need to do is create an account, which can be done by linking your Facebook profile or signing in with Google. This gives you immediate access to all the design tools and features, including loads of templates with the guidelines needed to build the site you want.

Of course, you can also create a web site from scratch. This will begin your site as a blank page where you can start using the tools to create content, add pictures and link other accounts like YouTube. People will then be able to make videos, blogs and much more accessible directly from your website.

Adding your Domain

Only once you have created your website and used the advanced features for SEO setup will you be able to go live. Don’t forget to add a domain that’s easier to reach for your visitors.

Wix comes with a built-in domain checker that tells you if it’s available. You can then use the platform to purchase the domain through Wix and add it to your website. This means your site will not connect through the selected name, making it easier to market.

When adding a domain, it might be interested in taking one of their packages, which gives you access to even more advanced features. The annual fee would include the cost of your domain and the host of your website. These packages can also add specific mail addresses, sophisticated management tools and much more.

Currently, Wix has multiple annual packages that provide specific features for your needs. You can choose from a basic package at their advanced E-Commerce marketplace.

Most Important Website Features for 2019 – Part 2

Last week we looked at a few of the most important design features of a website, including the company logo, name, menus and also the search bar.

While the features mentioned above are essential. There are a lot more to websites that will give you the edge when it comes to visitors and attracting more people to your site. Below, we look at even more excellent options that could help your visitors find their way around and get more information about the services or products you provide.

Descriptions and CTA

The most critical description would be on your home page, giving visitors an insight as to what you do or what the site is there for. It is also a great idea to add the descriptions to other pages, giving visitors a quick breakdown of what they can expect to see on the page below. These descriptive games have to be long but should be to-the-point. Offering readers some details and even links to the most popular products as they might be visiting for a specific reason.

That brings us to the next important mission to just about every page on your website, called a CTA (Call to Action) button or option. This can range from adding items to the shopping cart through to get in touch with you for whatever reason. It would all depend on the focus of the page and the web sites that would determine what the CTAs are for. It is also a great idea to add a bookmark CTA. Which doesn’t only remind your visitors to save your website, but also makes it easy for them.

Subscribe and Live Chat

The e-mail subscription option remains a popular choice for just about any type of website. However, it is essential to think about the setup of the subscription as not everyone would want to know about every product you provide.

Therefore, it is a great idea to add categories to your subscription platform, allowing visitors to choose the category of your website they want to know more about. Not only can you provide specific information directly to interested clients, but you can also keep track of the most popular sections of the website.

Support is essential for any website as some would visit and not have the time to look around but would instead get in touch with someone and ask if a specific product is available. Therefore, adding live chat certainly boosts your website as clients can get in touch instantly. Sure, you might not be at your computer 24 hours a day but keep your site up to date with times. Use a live chat feature that allows visitors to leave a message when you’re not available.

If you are on the move regularly, choose a live chat platform that can push notifications to your mobile device. Allowing you to communicate with clients, no matter where you are.