Necessity of Correct Search Engine Marketing

SEO’s are in place to make your website easily available to users and search engines. Search engines are sophisticated and understand the website in a completely different way to humans, and SEO optimisation helps the engines to categorise the web page according to what it is about and how it could benefit users or how they search for it.

SEO Related Argument

Many and these are normally website owners irritated by the way SEO optimisation takes place often argue that no smart engineer could or would build a search engine that requires some of the principles and rules that indexes or ranks websites according to how it works now.

Search engines are machines or robots, and while an image of a dog would be described by humans as a Labrador, medium sized dog, or a black dog, the search engine struggles to understand the photo and is not near the sophistication level of humans. The real problem is how can anyone get a search engine to understand content and if that is possible how do you get it to understand an image, well a photograph. Webmasters, fortunately, are allowed via SEO to provide the engines with clues on how to understand the content. The proper structure allows the proper format, guild and annotation of the web content to be digested by the search engine in a proper way.

Websites are Invisible to Search Engines without Proper SEOs

Most of the search engines operate on the very same principles, they accomplish modern searches via massive databases, and there are still several limitations that could cause technical limitations and these cause indexing and crawling problems.

Poor Links

Poor link structures are often the cause of problems. This is when a websites link structure is not logical or at all understandable to the search engine/s. It could be that they do not reach some of all of the websites content and therefore provide the minimal exposure that is unimportant to the index of the engine. One of the most common problems is blocked in the code. This is caused when there is a problem in the websites directives also referred to as robot text, which in most cases lead to the blocking of the entire website.

The search engines are getting better in understanding non-HTML text, which includes plug-n content, audio, photos, videos, images and Flash files. What also could negatively count against your website is using uncommon text terms, if most people search online for refrigerators and you used the words food cooling units, search engines would not send those looking for refrigerators to your website, as the words have nothing to do with each other. SEO is all about getting the terms perfect, which means the text is search engine friendly, correct and it covers the correct keywords, words online users would type into the search engine once they start looking for specific items.

SEO and Keyword Research

It all starts by typing words into a search box. One of the most valuable, important, and high return activities when it comes to the search marketing field is keyword research. Deciding on the right keywords can either break or make your site. By researching the keyword demand for your market, you not only understand which phrases and terms to target when it comes to SEO, but you’ll also understand more about your customers overall.

It’s not about attracting visitors to your website, but about attracting the right kind of visitors. Usefulness of keyword research cannot be overstated. By doing keyword research, you can successfully predict a demanding shift, respond to alternating conditions in the market, and provide the services, products, and content web searchers are seeking actively. There has never been such a low barrier in the history of marketing to understand the motives of consumers in any niche.

Judging the Value of Keywords

What is the value of a keyword on your site? Let’s say you own a shoe store online. Do you make more sales from customers searching for “black boots” or “brown shoes”? The keywords that customers use when searching for something via search engines is usually available to site owners and, and with keyword research tools, it will allow you to find this information easily. Unfortunately, these keyword research tools are unable to indicate how to value it actually is to receive traffic from customer searches. To completely understand the value behind a keyword, you’ll need to understand your own site, make various hypothesis, test it, and repeat. This is the classic formula for web marketing.

Basic Process of Keyword Value Assessment

Ask yourself if the keyword you are using is relevant to the content of your site. Will customers or consumers be able to find what they are searching for on your website when they search the web with the keywords you included? Will they be satisfied with what they find? Can this result in financial income or other goals you set for yourself and the site? Only if the answer to all these questions is “Yes” will you be able to proceed.

Understanding the sites that have already been ranked with your keyword will give you vital information into your site’s competition. It will also give you insight into how hard it will be to rank your own site on the given keyword. You will also need to find out if the search advertisements are running along the right-hand side or the top of the organic results. Usually, most search ads come with a high-value keyword, and several search ads situated above the organic results usually means a directly conversion-prone and highly lucrative keyword.

You can also purchase a sample campaign for your keyword at Bing AdCenter or Google AdWords. If your site doesn’t rank with your keyword, you can purchase traffic to understand how well it actually converts. Simply choose “exact match” in Google AdWords and point the traffic to the specific page on your site.

Misconceptions and Myths About Search Engines

Over the past few years, several misconceptions have surfaced regarding how search engines actually operate. This obviously causes confusion for a beginner in the world of SEO when it comes to the requirements needed to perform effectively. It’s for this reason that we decided to explain the story behind each myth.

Search Engine Submission

In the late 1990’s, search engines came with submission forms that formed part of the optimisation process. Site owners and webmasters tagged their pages and sites with keyword information before it was submitted to search engines. After the submission process, bots crawled and included the resources within their index. This is simple SEO.

However, the process didn’t fare very well as the submission often included spam, and therefore the practice soon gave way to crawl-based engines. In 2001, search engine submissions were no longer required and became completely useless. These days, search engines rarely utilise submitted URL’s which means the best way to get your site ranked higher is by using links from other websites.

Obviously, there are still submission pages on the web, but they are basically remnants of the old days and don’t feature within modern SEO. If you ever come across an SEO that offers a submission service, run as fast as you can.

Meta Tags

Back in the days, meta tags, or meta keyword tags, were a vital part in the SEO process. Site owners or webmasters would include the keyword needed to rank the site, and when users searched the keyword term, it would populate in the search results. This process was eventually spammed to death and was later dropped by all search engines as a ranking signal. However, there are other tags that are extremely important to quality SEO, including meta description tags and title tags. In addition, the meta robots tag is a vital tool when to comes to controlling crawler access. Always remember that while meta tags are crucial, it’s no longer considered the central point of SEO.

Keyword Stuffing

Have you ever seen a page that appears spammy? For instance, “John’s cheap Wyoming plumber is the best cheap Wyoming plumber for all plumbing requirements. Contact a cheap Wyoming plumber right now.”

It’s not surprising that a persistent myth in the world of SEO rotates around the fact that keyword density is utilised by search engines for ranking calculators and relevancy. Although it has been disproved over and over again, this myth continues to surface in the world of SEO. Most SEOP tools still consider keyword density to be a fundamental part of quality SEO. Believe us, it’s really not and the best advice we can give you is to completely ignore it and rather focus on providing intelligent keywords with usability in mind. The value behind 10 additional instances when it comes to your keywords on a single page is far less when compared to using a single great editorial link from someone that doesn’t consider you to be a search spammer.

The Best Web Development Courses for Beginners

Perhaps you want to build a website from the ground up, or you simply want to venture into the world of web development and you searching for an introduction to coding, or you want to stay a few steps ahead of a hacker. Whatever the reason, here are some of the best resources to assist you in getting started. Below, you will find the best web development tutorials and courses for beginners.

1. Codecademy

This is essentially a university course, but you’ll be in control of where and when your classes occur. The beginners web development course at Codecademy provides the basics on CSS and HTML and offers various projects throughout the course for you to practice. Once you have a better understanding on the basics, you can also venture into more advanced courses that cover Python, JavaScript, and PHP.

2. HTML Dog’s Beginner HTML Guide

These tutorials aren’t as flashy as those at Codecademy, but they are just as useful. The tutorials at HTML Dog are easy-to-follow and straightforward that perfectly covers the fundamentals of HTML. You will also find beginner courses on JavaScript and CSS on the site if you’re more interested in learning something other than HTML.

3. Ruby on Rails

Considered the most popular framework when it comes to web development and based on the Ruby language, Ruby on Rails powers GitHub, Twitter, and Basecamp just to mention a few. If you are someone that’s interested in creating your own web app, we highly suggest browsing through the useful tutorials on the site. You can even learn everything there is to know about web application development.

4. Mozilla Developer Network

These incredible tutorials are brought to you by the people behind the Firefox browser and offer a wide range of web development courses aimed towards beginners and experienced web developers. You’ll find tutorials on JavaScript, CSS, and HTML.

5. PHP 101 for Beginners

This immensely popular scripting language is certainly here to stay and has been used on a wide range of websites when it comes to server-side programming. If you are someone that would love to learn it, you can’t go wrong with the free tutorials from Zend. They are extremely easy to understand, allowing you to write code in no time.

6. GitHub for Beginners

GitHub is the ultimate tool when it comes to software development projects. If you have a desire to work in web development, GitHub is an absolute must. The tutorials offered on the site will provide everything you need to know to ensure your networking site operates smoothly and like the name suggests, it’s aimed towards beginners that doesn’t have any prior knowledge of programming or web development.

7. Beginner Coding Pitfalls

Once you are comfortable with your preferred web development frameworks, you should read this tutorial from the Tuts+ team. Their article essentially outlines some of the most popular mistakes that are made by beginners when it comes to programming. You’ll find insight into PHP, JavaScript, and Ruby issues, making it a must-read for everyone that’s just starting out.

Innovative Tools for Web Developers

There’s loads of rewards when you are a web developer, but once project managers start to request more work in a shorter time frame, it can quickly become very frustrating. Therefore, its always a great idea to look for tools that will allow you to work faster and be more productive in a short space of time. Therefore, we included a range of useful tools that will certainly lighten the workload going forward.

1. Browser Calories

In recent years, most of us tend to use our mobile devices to browse on the internet and therefore its vital for web developers to keep page weights in mind. The browser calories extension will place an icon next to your address bar that will allow you to check the weight of your page with a single click of a button.

2. Visual Studio Code

This is an open source code editor that is absolutely free from Microsoft that essentially runs anywhere and provides loads of innovative features that will help make code a lot easier and quicker. This includes built-in Git debugger, commands, and much more.

3. Firebug

Create by Firefox developers, this incredible add-on known as Firebug will enable you to monitor, edit, and debug CSS live, JavaScript, and HTML in the browser. Considered one of the most useful web development tools currently on the markets, this is undoubtedly a must-have when you are working with web development.

4. HTML Entity Character Lookup

Utilizing HTML entities is vital in ensuring that all characters on a webpage are validated. Unfortunately, finding the right entity code means that you’ll need to scan through 250 character rows. That’s exactly where Entity Character Lookup comes into play. This useful tool can also be used as a widget when using a Mac Dashboard.

5. Prefix-Free

This phenomenal tool will allow you to utilise unprefixed CSS properties. Developed by Lea Verou, it basically works behind the scenes where it adds the current prefix of the browser to any CSS code, but only when it is required.

6. Cloud9 IDE

This tool will assist you in collaborating with others on projects that require big-scale code. It allows developers from across the globe to edit the code and interact with each other in real time. Cloud9 IDE is quickly becoming the ultimate browser-based IDE with features that include FTP integration, smart drag, drop-document trees, and code editor and completion.

7. Foundation

Developed by ZURB for developers, this incredible prototyping tool will act as a blueprint for all your design projects. The latest version offers an easy grid structure, making styling even more flexible and convenient. It also works with CSS and SASS.

8. Fontello

Fontello is essentially an icon generator and is truly unique. You simply need to select the icons you want and this remarkable tool will compile them into customizable web fronts. This means you can customize and edit the symbol names and codes, making it ideal for those that want to save time as a web developer.

Business Trends Shaping the 2018’s

Just as 2018 was about to start many business trend predictions were made, these were the ones believed to govern the business world, and now that more than half the year has passed we get to check back at that, that was predicted.

The list of predictions that most agreed would shape 2018

Acquisitions and vertical mergers would shape the entire industry, while consolidation would continue to change in industries, this prediction was based on the 2017 acquisition announcements by CVS-Aetna, Time Warner and Amazon demonstrating that firms would to vertical.

US Economy Growth

A renewed business confidence in the US economy was predicted to drive growth in 2018, since in 2017 the Vistage CEO Confidence index a small business indicator increase by 14% versus 2016 October. The predictors were quite confident that a 75% higher revenue would follow in 2018.


It was also predicted that a rebound would take place in the IPO market after its week performance in 2017. Baker McKenzie predicted that the IPOs would exceed &70 billion in value during 2018 buoyed by the strong tech sector and strong market.

Companies including Amazon, Facebook and Google, leading the American technology were predicted to face headwinds from Germany, China and everywhere else. According to the latest tech news updated several IPOs are facing a myriad of headwinds in September 2018. It is an incredibly strong year so far for IPOs in the technology sector, over the first eight months of the year the main question is whether the public markets will close as strongly at the end of the year or if it will all die in a whimper. Chinese IPOs that were expected to take the lead this year looks less rosy due to the trade tensions due to the Chinese Communist Party continuing to change the policies.


One of the major predictions for 2018 was that cryptocurrencies would no longer be a fad and that the 2017 rise in Bitcoin would continue. Yet, in reality, the prices of cryptocurrencies have tumbled since the start of the year and experts predicts a that digital currencies might become a dying breed. Since January 2018 a dramatic decline in value took place for cryptocurrencies such as Ether, Litecoin and Bitcoin.

Prediction for the Next few Months of 2018

When experts were asked to make predictions for the last couple of months this year, they would only go as far as saying that 2018 is an interesting year for all cryptocurrencies and that regulations adding more legitimacy to the cryptocurrency space, businesses are enabled to work in a clearer framework. Yet most say the risk in holding cryptocurrencies could involve substantial loss, it might rapidly increase or decrease at any time and some predicts it could even fall right down to zero. One thing that is sure is that no one can guarantee the accurateness, timeliness or completeness of information of date when it comes to predicting the value of cryptocurrencies.

Business Tools To Work Smarter Instead of Harder

When you run your own business, you know that time is of the essence. As an entrepreneur, there is a wide scope of responsibilities and duties you need to take care of, including finding leads, trend tracking, content creation, and more. There usually isn’t enough time to get through everything on your personalised checklist, and even though you consider yourself to be a hard worker, you might not be a smart worker.

By utilising small business tools, you have the ability to eliminate busywork, giving you more time to focus on generating results. Below you will find hand-picked tools that will greatly benefit you to work smarter in your business.


Operating an online business always requires more work than you initially anticipated. Kajabi essentially simplifies the launch and upkeep of a business by giving you the opportunity to tackle several tasks within a single streamlined platform. Although you can develop a landing page for a business that is service-based, Kajabi is actually designed for those that offer products, making it ideal for downloadable content, online courses, and selling goods.


There will come a time in every business where the owner won’t be able to create content for each site on their own. You could find freelancers on Fiverr or Upwork, but if you want to work smart, your best bet will be ClearVoice. This incredible business tool will allow you to track the most popular content and create content to match every trend without having to worry about hiring additional writers.


Identifying consumer trends and utilising it to your advantage is an important role of marketing. Think about it, how would Buzzfeed be so successful without first coming to the realisation that people enjoy silly and vibrant videos? However, there aren’t a lot of entrepreneurs that have the time to graph and track trends. Fortunately, SpyFu will help you track industry trends and determine where they originate from.


If you were under the impression that finding customers was the biggest battle in a business, you’d be wrong. One of the most important aspects of maximising profit is to build an effective sales funnel which is basically a system that attracts new customers and assists them to discover other services and products. This will give customers the feeling of being more invested in your business and boost sales in the process.


If automation is your main priority, Infusionsoft is undoubtedly the best tool for your business. This award-winning business software will help you boost master ecommerce, conversation rates, effectively manage the process of sales and save you loads of time. It achieves this by collecting data based on leads’ and then storing them in such a way that will allow you to place priority on hot leads. When you combine it with the analytics and sales dashboard from Infusionsoft, you’ll get an incredible online toolbox that perfectly streamlines your business.

Important Things Every Web Developer Should Know

Anyone who writes code for a living will undoubtedly tell you that web development is extremely difficult. The evolution of devices and browsers to build in, alongside frameworks and languages to build with, has provided web developers with more challenges than before. There are several resources out there to help you learn how to successfully build web apps, but there’s always the risk that some of them will be outdated. It’s for this reason that we decide to include the general languages, skills, and principles needed.


You’ll be considered a fool if you think that this is the easy part. Most developers are still learning on how to master CSS3 and HTML5 to create beautiful and fast experiences through browsers across all platforms. It’s for this reason that Front-end developers, such as engineers and designers, are earning higher salaries than server-side developers in recent years.


There’s nothing hotter than full-stack JavaScript at the moment, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to cool off at all. Although most developers believe they completely understand JavaScript due to the fact that they can write a little jQuery, the overall language is quickly changing into a robust and ubiquitous tool for web browsers, robots, devices, and servers. By spending time with JavaScript, you will essentially avoid wasting time on prototype-based programming and functional programming. In addition, you will also learn frameworks and libraries of JavaScript.


Python, C#, Java, PHP, Ruby, and JavaScript all feature several frameworks that are designed to ensure web development is a far more pleasant experience. Which means you can get more done in a shorter time frame. Your mission is to select one of them and make sure you learn it extremely well. Design multiple web applications and ensure you cover as many features as humanly possible on both the browser side and server side of things. Understanding one language in-depth will make things a lot easier when you encounter new frameworks down the line.


One of the most important factors when it comes to a fantastic user experience on the internet is speed. Unfortunately, is rather rare for a web developer to know how to implement and design an innovative caching strategy. To reply on a number of calls to a file system and/or database is a marvellous way to slow things down and in the same time, annoy users. If you are a web developer, you will need to consider how to get as much data as possible in memory and then how to successfully get everything cached at the filing system without the need to make calls to the database. Most of the latest frameworks come with built-in ways to utilise file-system caching (both full-page and partial caching) and memory, so therefore its crucial to take the extra time and teach yourself how to do this even if there’s no need for high volumes of traffic with your web app.

2018 Web Development Trends

Things are being changed by the web development very quickly, and we’ve all seen the rise, and, also the fall of numerous web developments and technologies. It is the rising technologies that bring with them potentially, so it is more important than ever to keep your ears open and your finger on the pulse of everything new. There are plenty of new trends in 2018, and several have a large potential for growth, by incorporating some into your website might hugely benefit the popularity of your site.

PWA’s – Progressive Web Apps

Native mobile apps dominate, and it can all be blamed on the new generation of Progressive Web Apps that takes the very best form the web, to combine it into the most amazing mobile apps. In 2015 the inception of PWA’s took place, and it took around to years for the pioneers of PWAs to transform them into one of the latest most major programming trends.

Progressive Web Apps are applications that are web-based and have the feel as well as UX comparable to mobile apps. These use the some of the latest technologies to provide users with an app-a-like experience within a browser tab. The list of features is a great way to better grasp the principle of PWA’s. On the list of what it offers is that PWA’s require no installation, it can be opened in a browser by entering the URL, they PWAs match the highest standards of cross-browser compatibility and responsiveness, and best of all they’re not network state dependant.

Artificial Intelligence and Chatbots

Fresh from the sci-fi realm, artificial intelligence ventured into the top development 2018 web trends, and the major cheeses such as IBM, Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Amazon instantly spotted it as a good prospect of investment. Predictions are that chatbots will basically revolutionise the way computing is experienced by everyone around the globe, and massive investment in its development have ensured the universalisation of chatbots.

Blockchain Technology

Blockchains are one of the most precipitous technologies in development and alter the essence of being a business owner. The whole idea behind blockchain belongs to a group of people or person under the alias of Satoshi Nakamoto. It is the technology that buttressed the cryptocurrency Bitcoin, although it now has multiple uses and it proves to be radical.

Motion UI Not as Farfetched as Blockchains

The Motion UI Sass library enables individuals to animate the UI of their website in a snap and working with it is far from rocket science. The library package includes CSS files with ready-made up effects, and so does the Sass files, it’s simply wonderful and enables you to create your very own animations and play around with it. It also gets you excited about transitioning your website elements including off-canvas menus, models and overlays. With Motion UI you can transition a series or a single effect, bound to bring new life to your website that can be enjoyed by visitors.


The right tool is important in the success of any online business; therefore, it is vital to learn and understand both the advantages and disadvantages of PPC vs SEO in order to leverage them. The debate is one that continues over many years, is it better to buy your way to feature at the top of search engines or use SEO optimization?

Benefits of Organic Lead Generator SEO

SEO is referred to as a natural lead generator or organic lead generator and it consists of optimizing web pages to increase their position in internet search results. Ideally, businesses want their pages to rank higher than that of their opposition. The SEO definition is subject to change due to changes and trends in the industry as well as the algorithm of Google, although it remains important to offer a website that is helpful and explains the business properly.

There are both drawbacks and advantages in selecting SEO optimization, the most important is that it is most cost-effective. SEO optimisation is long-lasting and requires only maintaining while it is also stable, PPC positions change constantly due to the bidding tactics of the opposition. Even should you need to step away for a month a great site that is optimized via excellent content and good link authority can hold its high search engine position until your return? The drawback of SEO vs PPC is that could take months before you see results, while PPC offers leads and visitors almost instantly.

Advantages of Pay-Per-Click

By purchasing clicks or visitors from Google or any other search engine it is referred to as PPC which is basically advertising on search engines. Pay-per-click enables websites to attract traffic faster. The benefits of PPC is most importantly now waiting and once a campaign stars the result is almost immediately visible by tracking clicks, visits and conversions. SEO optimization often takes a few months before the results are visible via search engine results.

Another major benefit of PPC is that it is controllable and by setting a budget it is easy to get an idea of the number of leads in return. It offers for most an accurate budget of what is needed to maintain your current level of marketing while SEO is the opposite and not nearly as cut and dry as PPC. One of the facts that most appreciate about PPC is that there is no worry involved regarding the impact the algorithm of search engines or the position of your site. It is a straightforward bidding that takes place and most feel more in control. As with SEO optimization, PPC also has some drawbacks and these include having to pay to get the best results and the keyword is competition. With that we mean you must be extremely selective with keywords and research are time-consuming. Once turned off PPC stops offering leads while SEO never ends and only improves over time.