2018 Web Development Trends

Things are being changed by the web development very quickly, and we’ve all seen the rise, and, also the fall of numerous web developments and technologies. It is the rising technologies that bring with them potentially, so it is more important than ever to keep your ears open and your finger on the pulse of everything new. There are plenty of new trends in 2018, and several have a large potential for growth, by incorporating some into your website might hugely benefit the popularity of your site.

PWA’s – Progressive Web Apps

Native mobile apps dominate, and it can all be blamed on the new generation of Progressive Web Apps that takes the very best form the web, to combine it into the most amazing mobile apps. In 2015 the inception of PWA’s took place, and it took around to years for the pioneers of PWAs to transform them into one of the latest most major programming trends.

Progressive Web Apps are applications that are web-based and have the feel as well as UX comparable to mobile apps. These use the some of the latest technologies to provide users with an app-a-like experience within a browser tab. The list of features is a great way to better grasp the principle of PWA’s. On the list of what it offers is that PWA’s require no installation, it can be opened in a browser by entering the URL, they PWAs match the highest standards of cross-browser compatibility and responsiveness, and best of all they’re not network state dependant.

Artificial Intelligence and Chatbots

Fresh from the sci-fi realm, artificial intelligence ventured into the top development 2018 web trends, and the major cheeses such as IBM, Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Amazon instantly spotted it as a good prospect of investment. Predictions are that chatbots will basically revolutionise the way computing is experienced by everyone around the globe, and massive investment in its development have ensured the universalisation of chatbots.

Blockchain Technology

Blockchains are one of the most precipitous technologies in development and alter the essence of being a business owner. The whole idea behind blockchain belongs to a group of people or person under the alias of Satoshi Nakamoto. It is the technology that buttressed the cryptocurrency Bitcoin, although it now has multiple uses and it proves to be radical.

Motion UI Not as Farfetched as Blockchains

The Motion UI Sass library enables individuals to animate the UI of their website in a snap and working with it is far from rocket science. The library package includes CSS files with ready-made up effects, and so does the Sass files, it’s simply wonderful and enables you to create your very own animations and play around with it. It also gets you excited about transitioning your website elements including off-canvas menus, models and overlays. With Motion UI you can transition a series or a single effect, bound to bring new life to your website that can be enjoyed by visitors.