AI-Monitoring Cameras Supported by Australia

The rapid development of technology is enabling for government and law enforcement authorities to better accurately account for drivers who are using their cellphones while at the wheel. Artificial Intelligence is allowing for camera modules on street lights and posts to zoom through the windows of drivers digitally. The first country that is using this technology is Australia in New South Wales. The NSF Transport Department released this information, noting that the cameras work during any hour at any condition of weather. It’s anticipated that in the next three years, more than 135 million checks will be completed in the New South Wales jurisdiction.

The Australian Government in New South Wales and Law Enforcement are allowing for an adjustment period for local drivers. Those caught using their cellular devices in the first three months of 2020 will receive a warning letter. Afterwards, drivers found using their mobile phones will receive a five-point deduction on their license and a $344.00 Fine. Considering that Australian Licenses have a 13-Point maximum, getting caught three times would result in licensed being terminated. The New South Wales Government also confirmed that at times of terrible weather conditions, that penalty would be increased to ten points.

Previous Tests

It should be noted that this technology has been available for numerous years. Last year it was tested across Australia at various locations in New South Wales and Sydney. It was noted that artificial intelligence didn’t fail, having a 100% success rate. It spotted more than 110,000 drivers illegally using their phones while operating their vehicles. The Executive Director behind the New South Wales Transport Center for Road Safety noted that throughout this testing period, it’s estimated that 100 lives were saved. This number could increase if implemented nationwide.

There hasn’t been any word of other countries implementing this technology. It appears that Australia is acting as the testing grounds for all other first-world nations. However, it’s anticipated that by 2030, this technology will be used globally. Some say it’s pointless with the advancement of electric vehicles and self-driving cars. Regardless, there has been strong community support for the implementation of this technology across New South Wales. The transport authority released that 80% of those surveyed for this concept agreed to it immediately. We will keep our readers updated on any new statistics or data released regarding this new artificial intelligence technology.