Amazon Sued By Employees Over Coronavirus Policies

Personnel working with the Amazon Company have begun a lawsuit against their employer. This follows after tensions between the two parties have grown in recent years, with reports indicating that employed personnel are terminated for requiring bathroom usage & calling in sick a single time. When New York City became the epicentre of COVID-19, Amazon’s warehouse in that jurisdiction didn’t enforce social distancing standards & terminated employees for remaining home during the pandemic. Amazon has continually denied claims regarding their safety policies, even with photographic & video graphic evidence proving employee complaints are genuine.

Amazon doesn’t maintain a union, meaning their employees aren’t provided job protection. It’s often reported that warehouse employees are often treated similarly to labour slaved—demands with their court claim request that job security is formally agreed upon in writing by both parties. Orders also request that workforces be provided ample time to wash their hands, change facemasks, use the lavatory, and stay home without concern of termination during a warehouse outbreak of coronavirus.

Media personnel with Amazon claim that COVID-19 Policies were created in March 2020, with employed workforces expected to follow the updated code of conduct. Derrick Palmer from Amazon’s NYC Warehouse indicated that nobody was provided with a formal letter or email regarding the change of policy. Employees proved that Amazon hadn’t clarified the newly introduced COVID-19 policies by showing internal documents.

Amazon didn’t provide a company-wide statement after employees proved they’d not been informed of updated policies. Amazon also refused to comment on the death of an NYC warehouse employee that caught COVID-19 while on the job. He’d be terminated for informing the media. Afterwards, an influx of employed personnel was removed from the facility after failing to reach productivity quota.

Jeff Bezos & Amazon Executives have often overworked their employees during holiday seasons. Regularly these individuals walk an average of fifteen miles per day in the Amazon Warehouse, with that nearly being doubled during the holidays. The same doubling rate has been seen during COVID-19. Making employees meet to increase their standard productivity quota while meeting personal safety standards associated with the pandemic is impossible.

Engaged workforces throughout America with the Amazon Company have been reported passing out from exhaustion & lack of fluids. That’s because they’re having to wear masks while moving at an average walking pace of 30mph for eight to ten hours per day. That’s nearly impossible for the human body to accomplish five-days per week.