Apple Defeats European Commission in Court

The European Commission has found themselves defeated by Apple Incorporated, which follows after a lawsuit that started four years ago. The European Commission claimed that €13 billion in taxes was owed to the Irish Government, filing their lawsuit with the 2nd Highest Court in Europe. The basis of their claim was dependent on proving that Apple obtained “Illegal State Aid” to limit taxes through favourable agreements. European Commission Lawyers emphasized that Apple had stolen from Irish civilians for two decades.

Their claims provoked the Irish Government & Courts, with parliament clarifying that taxes wouldn’t be accepted if ruled in favour of the European Commission. It’s not the 1st time that EC Lawyers have attacked largescale corporations in Ireland, which maintains the national lowest average for business taxes. It’s seen companies like Google & Facebook set up their European headquarters in Ireland.

CNN Business interviewed an Apple Spokesperson over their victory in Europe’s 2nd Highest Court System. Immediate sentiments remarked that they’re pleased with the outcome, that the European Commission wasn’t concerned about how much taxes Apple pays. But that their concerned derived from which nations the fees were being distributed to government associations.

Apple’s Public Statements

Statements from this Spokesperson continued, indicating that Apple Incorporated pays more taxes than any other largescale corporation. It’s estimated that their corporate income taxes ranged around €100 billion since 2010. CITs are one of the multiple tax brackets that Apple operates in, meaning their payments to various international governments exceed the €100 billion estimate.

The Chief Executive Officer of Apple, Tim Cook, clarified that the European Commission was targeting his corporation. Filed claims issued by the EC were unwarranted & unjustified of any corporate laws. It should be explained that Ireland officially supported the decision of their courts and testified that they’d fight again is brought to Europe’s 1st Highest Judicial System. Analysts suspect the European Commission of having already begun the process to appeal the recent decision.

Appealing Europe’s 2nd Highest Court’s decision could prove destructive for the European Commission. Their word is typically final with matters of this level, with the 1st Highest Court System in Europe focusing on government-based cases. Rejection of their appeal could become a reality & finalize Apple’s position in Ireland without concerns for retribution.