Apple Refusing to Unlock Shooter’s Phone

The Apple Corporation has begun battling against law enforcement and government officials. It was confirmed today that the Attorney General William Bar, determined that Apple hasn’t provided the required assistance to law enforcement. This regards a case following a shooting suspect from Pensacola Navy Base, where this shooter killed multiple individuals in Florida. Government law enforcement demanded backdoor access inside his device, which Apple refused for the second time since 2016. The Attorney General noted that every request from the FBI or CIA had been met with time delays and ongoing proceedings with Apple.

Tim Cook and the executives at Apple haven’t taken lightly to these accusations. Apple confirmed that they’d provided a substantial level of information regarding this investigation, noting that upwards of 100 gigabytes of data was handed over. This included transaction data, iCloud backups and account information. Does this prompt the question as to why government law enforcement would need backdoor access? Apple believes it’s because American agencies want access to detailed information regarding millions of citizens. Considering this is a breach of privacy to consumers, Apple will continually refuse.

Government Versus Apple

This isn’t the first time that the Apple Corporation has undergone these legal proceedings. Throughout 2016, Apple fought with the government in a public court case. It revolved around the San Bernardino Shooter, where it would eventually be revealed that the FBI has capabilities to crack into any cellular device worldwide. After the Federal Bureau of Investigations unveiled this data, it prompted a significant debate regarding public safety and civil liberties.

That debate is still a meaningful political conversation today. When it applies to the 2020 accusations, Apple noted that they’ve continually expressed that government officials could exploit these backdoors and create a dystopian American, where everyone’s liberties are forfeited for national security. Apple also noted that government law enforcement has access to unthinkable technologies and don’t need their assistance.

December 2019 marked another instance where Apple refused to be threatened by the American government. Congressional hearings were held regarding the state of tech conglomerates and their international powers. Senators from America stated that legislation would be created to force Apple, Google, Samsung and multiple other companies to handover backdoor access. Collectively, these companies came together and informed the American government that they’d cease operations immediately upon this legislation. Since millions of jobs would’ve been lost, the government had no choice but to fold their cards.