PlayStation5 Advertised in UK Underground

Advertising campaigns revolving around international product releases are often unique, which was proven worldwide with Sony’s PlayStation5. November 12th & November 19th marked the official release dates for the PS5, with Sony Computer Entertainment introducing a notable marketing campaign to correlation with the PlayStation5’s launch. Sony located unique venues in Toronto, Hong Kong, New York, London, and Melbourne. Those locations were altered to represent PS5s branding.

Princess Gate in Toronto was lite in the iconic “PlayStation Blue” & showcased the PS5 logo. Similar methods were implored in London, England. Travellers on the London Underground noticed that four entrances had been altered to correlate with PS5 releasing in England on November 19th.

Three of the four primary entrances to “Oxford Circus Underground Station” had its signs lighting altered to correlate with PS5s controller symbols. Billboard advertisements were located behind those entrance signs, enabling travellers to understand that PlayStation is back again to play & dominate the next generation of consoles.

The Square, Cross, and Triangle symbols on PlayStation’s controller were depicted across Oxford’s entrance signs. Colour alterations saw the Square becoming Purple, Triangle changed to Green, and Cross turning Blue. “Oxford Circus Underground Station” showcased the final symbol on PlayStation’s controller on the fourth entrance, which saw the Circle continued to be displayed in Red. Standardly, Oxford entrance signs are coloured red.

Gamers in Great Britain & London have adored the publicity stunt sustained by PlayStation. Thousands of travellers throughout the London Underground posted photographs on Instagram & Twitter, making this advertising campaign go viral within hours of Oxford changing the entrance signs. Individuals leaving the “Oxford Circus Underground Station” would walk less than 500m before reaching the UK Sony Headquarters, where additional advertising for the PlayStation5 could be seen.

AJ Wells & Sons

Sony Computer Entertainment released details regarding this advertising campaign. It was noted that three entrances at “Oxford Circus Underground Station” had their red-circular signs removed, with replacements being formatted when train routes were closed on November 18th. AJ Wells & Sons from Newport, England manufactured these signs for Sony. The Square, triangle, and cross were constructed forty-eight hours before the advertising campaign began. Sony thanks AJ Wells & Sons for their prompt work.

Disney & Amazon Release 2020 Christmas Advertisements

Corporate representation of the holidays is continuing in 2020, with most companies negating the global pandemic & focusing on increasing positivity throughout millions of households. Dozens of prominent brands have unveiled their holiday advertising campaigns, with Amazon & Disney being the latest. Other companies like McDonald’s, Zalando, Hudson’s Bay, Walmart, and Target have released their respective advertisements. Reviewing critics have awarded McDonald’s & Disney for sustaining the best commercials for 2020s holiday season. Amazon’s campaign has received notable backlash from critics & been awarded the worst commercial for the 2020 holidays.

The Disney Commercial, “From our Family to Yours”.

Family traditions are the prominent theme of Walt Disney Corps holiday advertising. Commercial footage shows a grandmother & granddaughter experiencing the holidays together in CGI Animation. Graphically speaking, Walt Disney Corp employed their latest computer-generated imagery to format this commercial. The footage is high-quality, resembling recent films from Disney like Coco & Frozen Two. Somehow the sense of nostalgia is created throughout the two-minute runtime. Disney fanatics have suggested that this Mexican family is related to Coco & could be teasing an unsuspecting sequel.

The Amazon Commercial, “The Show Must Go On”.

Amazon’s advertisement reminds viewers of the problematic employment standard maintained by the online conglomerate. Household cheer & glee throughout North America wouldn’t be possible without the misery of Amazon’s workforce, who work in appalling conditions & are treated similarly to robotic slaves, as opposed to human beings.

Live footage throughout this commercial tells the storyline of Taïs Vinolo, a French Ballerina that’s classically trained. Her story informs viewers that throughout the pandemic she’s trained forcibly at home. Amazon then evokes that their two-day shipping & array of products allowed for Taïs Vinolo to create the perfect training studio.

Viewers backlashed against this commercial, which highlights an aspect of society most find uncomfortable. The backlash also was evoked towards the commercial directors, which forced viewers to witness disturbing footage of Taïs Vinolo dancing in revealing material. Considering that Taïs Vinolo is seventeen years old, this commercial is borderline pedophiliac & shouldn’t be supported by viewers. It’s yet another instance of Amazon’s disgusting behaviour as an international corporation.

McDonald’s 2020 Christmas Campaign

The holidays are weeks away, with North American & European teenagers beginning to favour their excitement for Christmas. Numerous retailers are targeting these children & teenagers, hoping to obtain profits from parents with requested gifts. Largescale products like the PlayStation5, iPhone 12, and Xbox Series are slated to dominate the market. Not every corporation is thrilled by the concept of children wanting virtual fun over physical entertainment, including McDonald’s. The McDonald’s Company has released a specialized Christmas campaign that targets children & teenagers, informing them to locate their inner child to find outdoor entertainment.

Unrealistic Commercial Advertising

This advertisement is formatted with Disney or Pixar-level animation, garnering attention from online & broadcast views. The animated ad was created by Leo Burnett & focuses on Tom, a young child that is struggling between being his former child or his expected teenage form. Viewers are introduced to his mother, who frantically works to hang decorations around their household & take her sold to the Christmas market. This mother finds her sound unresponsive to her efforts. It’s not until this mother & son walk closer towards McDonald’s that his mood begins improving, that he begins exploring his younger self.

The storyline of this advertisement is unlikely, and the turnaround to McDonald’s shows that product marketing is the primary purpose of their Christmas campaign. The storyline becomes unbelievable after Tom informs his mother that he’d like to give Santa “McDonald’s Reindeer Treats” under the Christmas tree.

Premiere Date

Viewers can witness the McDonald’s Christmas Campaign for 2020 on November 15th on the “I’m a Celebrity” show with ITV. The Vice-President of McDonald’s stated that his hope with this advertisement is that children will reignite their magical imaginations surrounding Christmas. However, the real purpose of all targeted commercials is profits & that’s no different from McDonald’s holiday campaign.

It should be clarified that this campaign is exclusively available in the United Kingdom, meaning Great Britain & Northern Ireland. Those wanting to witness the commercial internationally have YouTube available to themselves. McDonald’s is offering an array of different products during the holidays to entice consumers to enter their physical locations & order online. Why not start after this ad with your children?

M&S isn’t Releasing a Christmas TV Ad Campaign for 2020

Christmas advertisements are changing during the Covid Era. Advertisers are aware that large percentages of the family won’t be permitted to attend their traditional festivities & won’t risk creating commercial campaigns that indicate time with family. Those moving forward with their Christmas advertisements will focus on digital marketing, informing customers how gifts can be purchased & delivered to family without exposure to the virus. However, multiple corporations have determined that creating Christmas advertising campaigns would negatively benefit sales. One company taking this mindset is Mark & Spencer’s, a prominent retailer throughout the United Kingdom.

An investor meeting was sustained at Mark & Spencer’s with Chief Executive Officer Steve Rowe. Managing Director Richard Price and Chief Strategist Kate Bickerstaffe were also present. The three executives informed investors that advertising campaigns are being restructured & focusing on digital sales. Targeted ads will be accomplished via social media, starting in December. However, investors were also informed that a Christmas advertising campaign wouldn’t be sustained in 2020 with broadcasters. That means its Christmas advertisements will likely focus on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

It marks the first change in Mark & Spencer’s advertising campaigns in decades, which follows after profits dropped by 15.8% in 2020. Profits haven’t fallen for M&S in nine decades, showing investors & executives that an immediate change in corporate structuring is required. Clothing collections from Mark & Spencer’s will now be released first to social media, with a minimal possibility of being advertised via television broadcasters.

Advertisement Spending Drops by 14.5%

Retailers in the United Kingdom have changed their mindset of advertising following Brexit & the coronavirus pandemic. Multiple companies have announced they’ll be eliminating their Christmas advertising for 2020, dropping “Retail Ad Spending” by 10.5%. Broadcasts are expected to lose somewhere between £725 to £750 Million from the marginal drop.

These analytic predictions from the “World Advertising Research Centre”. Their figures are known for maintaining accuracy, prompting broadcasts to begin long-term preparations for financial fallouts. It should be noted that largescale corporations like Coca-Cola, Apple, Pepsi, and Samsung are still expected to release Holiday or Christmas-themed advertising campaigns for 2020.

Judy Justice Announced by Amazon

Cable television is slated to lose its longest-running daytime court program in 2021. It was announced earlier in 2020 that Judge Judy Sheindlin would leave CBC after sustaining her series for decades. An immediate backlash was seen with her announcement, with Judge Judy receiving $45 Million per year during the final seasons.

Most anticipated that the ageing adjudicator would retire after leaving her daytime court program. However, it’s been announced that Judge Judy will join another network for 2021. Amazon Studios confirmed that they’re producing & releasing “Judy Justice” on IMBD TV. It’ll mark the first influential personality that IMBD TV has maintained, which is a free ad-supported streaming service for consumers.

Judy Sheindlin confirmed her partnership with Amazon Studios, remarking her new series will be named “Judy Justice” and will be free for viewers to consume starting in 2021. Details regarding their partnership haven’t been provided by Judy Sheindlin, suggesting that financial compensation for her Amazon contract is higher than CBC. It’d mean that Amazon Studios is paying likely $50 Million or higher for Judy Sheindlin.

Contract costs for Amazon aren’t about the adjudicator’s drama in her courtroom. It’s more about her personality & the popularity Judy Sheindlin will bring for older audiences. Considering that IMBD is known to older audiences & doesn’t cost anything, bringing Judge Judy to the platform will likely increase viewership tenfold. This means that Amazon Studios will probably terminate their contract with Judy Sheindlin in three to four seasons. It’ll be impossible for Sheindlin to sustain another twenty-five years with any other network. Her lifespan doesn’t permit it.

Potential Shift to Amazon Prime

Most aren’t aware that Judy Sheindlin had secretly been conducting negotiations with multiple networks for her latest daytime court program. Internal sources suggest that Amazon outbid NBC & Hulu+ for “Judy Justice”, with Netflix opting out from negotiation with Sheindlin. Internal sources also indicate that after multiple seasons on IMBD TV, Sheindlin’s contract could be updated & her program could be ported to Amazon Prime. It’d see her popularity jump tenfold amongst younger audiences. Until that transfer-of-service is initiated, Judy Justice will be available in 2021 for free with IMBD TV. The official launch date isn’t available.

Coca-Cola Terminating Half Their Brands

Notable beverages with countless international retailers are about to be terminated & recalled. This follows after the Coca-Cola Corporation announced that half their brands are being removed from production. Most of these brands aren’t operational in North America, with this announcement more affecting Europeans & Asians. Collectively, there’ll be two hundred brands discontinued by year’s end. This follows after quarterly statistical data revealed that these beverages accounted for 1% of Coca-Cola Corp’s total profits. The number of resources & attention required to grow these branded beverages has cost Coca-Cola more than profits have sustained.

There could’ve been an opportunity for Coca-Cola Corp to continue supporting these 200 branded beverages. However, financial concerns relating to the coronavirus pandemic forced a directional change in business operations. Notable brands that’ve been eliminated included Tab, the first diet soda released by Coca-Cola for global consumption. Zico Coconut Water & Northern Neck Ginger Ale have also been discontinued. Additional discontinued beverages include:

  • Odwalla Juices
  • Diet Coke Feisty Cherry Flavour
  • Coca-Cola Life
  • Delaware Punch

The United States of America & Canada won’t see Coca-Cola beverages eliminated from their product shelves in 2020. However, company spokespersons haven’t confirmed if that could change throughout the 2021 fiscal year. Continued losses on certain beverages could prompt their discontinuation.

Eliminating these beverage brands will provide the Coca-Cola Corporation with the necessary finances to increase marketing campaigns on other drinks. It’s known that Coca-Cola wants to increase advertising for Topo Chico Hard Seltzer and AHA Flavoured Sparkling Water. It’s expected that Coca-Cola Energy will also receive a notable marketing campaign.

Most wouldn’t expect that Coca-Cola Corp would report international revenue losses during the coronavirus pandemic. It shows that no company can avoid financial burdens associated with COVID. Quarterly results showed Coca-Cola Corp had revenue fall by 9%. This volume is lower than the revenue losses in Q2, which sustained a 24% drop. Coca-Cola cannot risk a continued decrease in profits & must begin evaluating where targeted funds are best engaged. Discontinuing ineffective beverage brands frees up the finances needed to sustain margins through the continuing pandemic. Consumers can anticipate an influx of advertisements from Coca-Cola with their remaining brands.

Amazon Partners with Samsung for Prime Day 2020

One of the most prominent shopping days of the year has arrived, with Amazon Prime Days now available to millions in North America. Numerous products & brands are supporting Amazon Prime Days, with Samsung being a notable retailer. The Samsung Company has issued lowered prices for its latest mobile handsets in 2020, household appliances, and a multitude of technologies like 4KTVs.

The Samsung Galaxy S20 Lineup & Galaxy Note 20 have received sales valued at $200.00 to $350.00 off initial asking prices. Consumers selecting the “Samsung Galaxy S20 5G Ultra” will obtain the maximum savings of $350.00. Features associated with Samsung’s most premium device for 2020 include a 6.9-Inch Dynamic OLED Display & Snapdragon 865 Handset. There’s also a multitude of camera modules supported with the S20 Ultra, including an Ultra-Zoom & Portrait lens.

For Americans, the discount of $350.00 for Samsung’s S20 Ultra requires an outright cost of $600.00. Customers wanting premium materials for their mobile handset with lower prices can select the Samsung Galaxy S20, which supports a $250.00 discount. There’s also the Samsung Galaxy S20+ with a reduction of $300.00. With associated savings, costs for these handsets are $400.00 for the Galaxy S20 & $350.00 for the Samsung Galaxy S20+.

Consumers are better suited to purchase the Samsung Galaxy S10+, which supports more incredible features for a lower cost. It’s one of those specialized deals that dedicated Amazon customers can locate with premium retailers. It should be noted that the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 & Note 20 Ultra are also experiencing largescale discounts. However, those devices are similar to tablets & recommended for avoidance. The Note Series is known for having overheating batteries with unviable features.

The Biggest Savings of them All

Handset owners looking to upgrade without the cost of $350.00 for the Samsung Galaxy S20+ have a final option. There’s also the “Samsung Galaxy A71 5G” available for $200.00 with the associated discount of $180.00 from the asking price. Considering that most of the same features related to the S20s are available in the A71, with mid-range components, it’s the perfect handset for consumers needing cheaper phones.

McDonald’s UK Won’t Stifle Innovation.

The United Kingdom Division of McDonald’s has emphasised their dedication towards other fast-food suppliers creating innovative technologies & food trends. These sentiments were evoked by Paul Pomroy, the chief executive officer of McDonald’s UK. Pomroy doesn’t believe that McDonald’s UK should consistently lead Innovation in their marketspace. Most fast-food restaurants in the United Kingdom copy concepts introduced by McDonald’s, something that CEO Paul Pomroy wants to avoid.

Industry-wide growth benefits greater from mass innovation than the monopoly effect. Pomroy understands that too much of one positive thing makes it into a negative for consumers, which includes McDonald’s restaurants. It should be noted that national fast-food chains fail in-comparison to McDonald’s with consumer popularity. Pomroy being a British civilian, would like this to change on some level.

CEO Paul Pomroy clarified his desire for industry-wide Innovation during the “Festival of Marketing” on October 6th. Sentiments from Pomroy began diverting towards the McDonald’s mentality, with Paul evoking that large corporations cannot stand still with Innovation & must balance their newest products to older services. This enables a consistent experience, which most fast-food chains in Britain have failed to accomplish in comparison to McDonald’s. CEO Paul Pomroy has a concern that pleasing 4 Million regular customers is challenging & that stifled Innovation on their behalf is beginning to eliminate food trends.

Paul Pomroy would like the United Kingdom to resemble North America, which has fast-food corporations share their innovative concepts. You’ll often see one restaurant release a new product, with their competitors following suit with a different iteration of the same menu item. UK fast-food chains are typically reliant on McDonald’s, the largest operator, for new ideas. This isn’t beneficial for the industry, or the world’s largest fast-food conglomerate.

Product Sharing

McDonald’s UK is beginning to change its mindset on the concept of product sharing after COVID-19 impacted profits. Customers are beginning to eat more at home & create unique recipes, which has McDonald’s concerned that lost profits will remain consistent throughout the next decade. The exclusive way to avoid continues losses is by increasing industry-wide Innovation. That’s why Paul Pomroy has implored fellow fast-food CEOs to begin creating new ideas immediately and enabling other brands to developer their respective versions.

PepsiCo Renovating eCommerce Space

Online shopping has grown into a vast market space throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic, prompting corporations to restructure their business strategies towards eCommerce. The latest multi-billion business that’s announced their refocus is PepsiCo, which has seen a prominent rise in acquired assets via the eCommerce marketspace. An official press release was issued by PepsiCo, which noted an investment into the accelerating market & eCommerce growth that’s been seen since January 2020. PepsiCo predicts that from 2020 to 2025, there’ll be an evident growth throughout this market.

An investor call prompted the press release, where Chief Executive Officer Ramon Laguarta of PepsiCo, spoke to the board of investors. He’d clarify through throughout six months, an acceleration of growth that accounts for three years has been seen. CEO Ramon Laguarta, during the investor meeting, requested assets to focus on the eCommerce space, pivoting their capabilities to provide products faster & improve previous services for the Post-COVID era.

That’ll be a challenging goal for PepsiCo to accomplish. The multi-billion corporation launched its first eCommerce Market for direct consumer sales, with & available today. An array of products available through PepsiCo are provided through these two sites, with the majority arriving on Marketing directors working for PepsiCo will be required to create extensive campaigns around these two sites. This’ll allow for consumers to become educated on PepsiCo’s digital market space. Millions will be spent on this marketing campaign, with no guarantee of success.

The Q3 Growth

Quarterly sales for PepsiCo throughout Q3 2020 grew by 5%, something that wasn’t anticipated during the COVID-19 era. It’s become Northern Americans & Europeans have been forced to remain indoors, and restaurants began shutting down. In return, consumers began purchasing an influx of snacks & beverages from PepsiCo. It should be noted that the Quaker Oats brand from PepsiCo grew by 6% over the third quarter of 2020.

Consumption of immediate goods via the internet are expected to continue to rise. This is evident through the growth of Quaker Porridge, Walker Crips, and Tostitos Tortilla Chips. When accounting for the beverage division of the PepsiCo Corporation, North American sales grew by 3%. Overall, this nominal growth has been enough to garner the attention of investors & approve the multi-million marketing campaign.

Ben’s Original Revealed by Mars Co.

Two products well-known by North American consumers are receiving a rebranding, which follows after considerable criticism towards these products representing racial stereotypes. It was announced by Mars Co. that their rebranding Uncle Ben’s Rice, with Quaker Oats following suit by announcing a restricting of Aunt Jemima Syrup & Pancakes. Behind both, these rebrands will be the purpose of creating employment opportunities that enable all nationalities to have an equal placement. Both Mars & Quaker Oats look towards an inclusive future.

Mars Co. has maintained Uncle Ben’s Rice for several decades without rebranding & changing the product. From now on, the Mars Company will rebrand the infamous right into “Ben’s Original”. The African American Uncle that wore bow ties won’t be represented anymore. Those involved with this rebranding determined that creating a new mascot wouldn’t be needed but will sustain the standard orange packaging not to confuse customers.

An official statement regarding the rebranding of Uncle Ben’s Original to “Ben’s Original” was issued by Fiona Dawson, the Mars Co. Global President of Multi sales & Customers. She issued that throughout several weeks they’ve listened to their stakeholders, employed associated, and thousands of consumers to gain an understanding of what’s needed. Fiona clarified by listening they’ve grown to understand the systematic inequities associated with product-based racism & have promised never to sustain a similar marketing format again.

Mars Co. became one of the initial corporations to terminate racial imagery from their products, which was an immediate response to the murder of George Floyd & Brianna Taylor. Multiple other African Americans have lost their lives during the Black Lives Matter Protests in a similar fashion to Floyd & Taylor. Largescale corporations removing racial imagery creates a more inclusive environment, which benefits systemic racism.

Other Companies Follow Suit

  • Mars Co. isn’t the exclusive corporation to terminate racial imagery in their products. Quaker Oats removed Aunt Jemima as their mascot, with the Syrup & Pancake brand being flat-out terminated.
  • Eskimo Pie Co. is rebranding & remarketing “White Grits”, knowing that it sustains a level of exclusive non-racism towards Caucasians.
  • Sporting institutions like the Washington Redskins have rebranded themselves, with the Capital’s NFL team becoming the “Washington Football Team”.