Ben’s Original Revealed by Mars Co.

Two products well-known by North American consumers are receiving a rebranding, which follows after considerable criticism towards these products representing racial stereotypes. It was announced by Mars Co. that their rebranding Uncle Ben’s Rice, with Quaker Oats following suit by announcing a restricting of Aunt Jemima Syrup & Pancakes. Behind both, these rebrands will be the purpose of creating employment opportunities that enable all nationalities to have an equal placement. Both Mars & Quaker Oats look towards an inclusive future.

Mars Co. has maintained Uncle Ben’s Rice for several decades without rebranding & changing the product. From now on, the Mars Company will rebrand the infamous right into “Ben’s Original”. The African American Uncle that wore bow ties won’t be represented anymore. Those involved with this rebranding determined that creating a new mascot wouldn’t be needed but will sustain the standard orange packaging not to confuse customers.

An official statement regarding the rebranding of Uncle Ben’s Original to “Ben’s Original” was issued by Fiona Dawson, the Mars Co. Global President of Multi sales & Customers. She issued that throughout several weeks they’ve listened to their stakeholders, employed associated, and thousands of consumers to gain an understanding of what’s needed. Fiona clarified by listening they’ve grown to understand the systematic inequities associated with product-based racism & have promised never to sustain a similar marketing format again.

Mars Co. became one of the initial corporations to terminate racial imagery from their products, which was an immediate response to the murder of George Floyd & Brianna Taylor. Multiple other African Americans have lost their lives during the Black Lives Matter Protests in a similar fashion to Floyd & Taylor. Largescale corporations removing racial imagery creates a more inclusive environment, which benefits systemic racism.

Other Companies Follow Suit

  • Mars Co. isn’t the exclusive corporation to terminate racial imagery in their products. Quaker Oats removed Aunt Jemima as their mascot, with the Syrup & Pancake brand being flat-out terminated.
  • Eskimo Pie Co. is rebranding & remarketing “White Grits”, knowing that it sustains a level of exclusive non-racism towards Caucasians.
  • Sporting institutions like the Washington Redskins have rebranded themselves, with the Capital’s NFL team becoming the “Washington Football Team”.