Business Trends Shaping the 2018’s

Just as 2018 was about to start many business trend predictions were made, these were the ones believed to govern the business world, and now that more than half the year has passed we get to check back at that, that was predicted.

The list of predictions that most agreed would shape 2018

Acquisitions and vertical mergers would shape the entire industry, while consolidation would continue to change in industries, this prediction was based on the 2017 acquisition announcements by CVS-Aetna, Time Warner and Amazon demonstrating that firms would to vertical.

US Economy Growth

A renewed business confidence in the US economy was predicted to drive growth in 2018, since in 2017 the Vistage CEO Confidence index a small business indicator increase by 14% versus 2016 October. The predictors were quite confident that a 75% higher revenue would follow in 2018.


It was also predicted that a rebound would take place in the IPO market after its week performance in 2017. Baker McKenzie predicted that the IPOs would exceed &70 billion in value during 2018 buoyed by the strong tech sector and strong market.

Companies including Amazon, Facebook and Google, leading the American technology were predicted to face headwinds from Germany, China and everywhere else. According to the latest tech news updated several IPOs are facing a myriad of headwinds in September 2018. It is an incredibly strong year so far for IPOs in the technology sector, over the first eight months of the year the main question is whether the public markets will close as strongly at the end of the year or if it will all die in a whimper. Chinese IPOs that were expected to take the lead this year looks less rosy due to the trade tensions due to the Chinese Communist Party continuing to change the policies.


One of the major predictions for 2018 was that cryptocurrencies would no longer be a fad and that the 2017 rise in Bitcoin would continue. Yet, in reality, the prices of cryptocurrencies have tumbled since the start of the year and experts predicts a that digital currencies might become a dying breed. Since January 2018 a dramatic decline in value took place for cryptocurrencies such as Ether, Litecoin and Bitcoin.

Prediction for the Next few Months of 2018

When experts were asked to make predictions for the last couple of months this year, they would only go as far as saying that 2018 is an interesting year for all cryptocurrencies and that regulations adding more legitimacy to the cryptocurrency space, businesses are enabled to work in a clearer framework. Yet most say the risk in holding cryptocurrencies could involve substantial loss, it might rapidly increase or decrease at any time and some predicts it could even fall right down to zero. One thing that is sure is that no one can guarantee the accurateness, timeliness or completeness of information of date when it comes to predicting the value of cryptocurrencies.