Canva is Making Graphic Designing Easy

Canva provides an easy and straightforward way of graphic designing to businesses, organizations and individuals. The user-friendly platform transforms anyone into a design pro. With easy to use features like their drag-and-drop design tools and loads of available photographs, fonts, stickers and graphics, the only limitation can be a lack of imagination. They include templates for almost any design for both printed and online marketing. From book covers to Facebook advertisements and brilliant brochures, Canva has the solution to easy designing.

On their robust and straightforward design platform, documents can be built from scratch or users can make use of the vast library of templates. Over a million images, fonts and graphics are available to use, often for free of charge. For some selected models, a minor additional charge is added.
Some of their design features include photo editing options like photo vignette, image cropping tools, photo straighteners, photo blur and photo frames. Users can add badges and speech bubbles or any other text to photos. Texture can be added to backgrounds, and many free icons are available. After users have created their artwork, it can be downloaded into a variety of resolutions and formats. Canva also offers easy sharing to other social media platforms.

Canva offers new users a free trial period. Based on your needs, they have a very cost friendly pricing structure available afterwards, which stays free of charge for private editing and design for individuals. Even though this option is for individuals, you can include up to 10 team members in your account. Users can also upload their images if preferred. This option offers many free images, but for the price of $1 each, users can access millions of photos to suit your design needs.

The Canva for work option does have a price tag. For a subscription fee of a mere $12.95 per month, users can add up to 50 team members to their account. They also receive options like setting your colour palettes, and priority support become available. Canva is offered to enterprises at a quoted price. This includes a dedicated account manager, team administrative controls, approval of workflow and higher customer satisfying features.

When considering a design platform, it is often difficult to make a great choice if, and you are not one. Therefore, it is excellent to know that Canva receives a tremendously positive response from ordinary people with no design experience. Canva is supported by Windows, Mac and can be run off their website too. It is only available in English. Except for different pricing structures, they also have options regarding customer types, and all are cloud hosted.

Whether you want to tweak a couple of pics or create designs like a pro without any know how Canva can help, Canva offers support, variety and ease of use and therefore they become an excellent partner in design and business.