Captain Morgan’s Christmas Advertisement

The Christmas marketing campaign sustained by Captain Morgan has come & gone, with analysts left questioning how the advertisement performed with broadcasts and online platforms. Corporate entities worldwide supported cliché marketing campaigns, which saw consumers unlikely to adopt those promoted products. Individual companies elected comedy to their advertisements, which proved to be a popular method of approaching customers in 2020. Captain Morgan maintained comedic commercials hosted by Josh Gad (Beauty & the Beast, The Wedding Ringer).

Named “Twas the End of 2020”, this advertisement focused on celebrating the holidays alongside consumers favourite rum. Josh Gad reading for Captain Morgan mentioned how viewers earned that drink. Those unlikely enough not to witness this advertisement can re-watch on YouTube & Captain Morgan’s official website. Recreations of the “Twas the Night Before Christmas” is seen on the YouTube channel, with lyrics supported for viewers to sing.

One element of this advertisement was considered foolish & unneeded, with Captain Morgan having Josh Gad indicate that bumping elbows with your quarantine partner is better than kissing them. That sentiment received minor backlash on social media platforms like Facebook & Twitter. However, corporate entities like Captain Morgan have promoted safety during the Covid-19 Era to avoid government backlash.

Josh Gad discussed his role in “Taw the End of 2020”, noting that Captain Morgan had contacted himself before Christmas & that no previous engagements were held between the two parties. He mentioned that family enjoy this holiday rum & it reminds him of classic holidays from childhood. It appears Josh Gad did this more because of sentimental feelings than financial gains.

Additional Ads

It should be clarified that this isn’t the exclusive advertisement maintained by Captain Morgan during Christmas 2020, with the company employing Benito Skinner’s skillsets (Actor & Comedian). His role saw numerous original characters beloved by millions discuss pop culture events throughout 2020, all while Skinner drank some Captain Morgan. Captain Morgan didn’t release statistics regarding how both these advertisements performed during Christmas 2020.