How Affiliate Sites Make Money

There are so many ways to make really good money online and most of the time, it doesn’t even take much to do it. You can become an affiliate for just about anything you’re interested in, including anything from casinos through to cars and even makeup. There’s actually no limit to what you can create an affiliate site for, which is why so many people have a single site that covers multiple subjects, allowing readers to find multiple interests for readers.

Having an affiliate site isn’t just about posting links and getting people to click on them. Think about it, would you click on a random link on a blank page? Probably not. So, you’ll have to make the site attractive, give people info about the product or service and provide accurate information.

How and Why You get Paid

Before you create your website, deciding on the type of services or products you’ll be reviewing or discussing is important. If you already have a specific subject in mind, finding affiliate programs would be a lot easier, but going for a wider range of topics is just as easy.

Many places, including both online stores and even retailers, have a desire for online marketing and are willing to pay really well for the sites that attract people to their store. This is exactly what your affiliate site would be doing and the company will either pay you a percentage in commissions or simply provide an agreed on amounts per visitor you direct to their website.

If you look at affiliate programs for casinos, you’ll find most offer a revenue percentage for each player you direct to the casino. This isn’t just a once off payment as you will receive a percentage of all the revenue that specific player contributes to the casino. This means you might score for months or

Creating an Affiliate Site

So you’ve heard about the amazing earning potential of having an affiliate website that markets for other online brands or simply feature adverts the pay you for each view or click. Well, it’s true, there are huge amounts of cash to be made online, but if you think it’s just a day or two’s work, you might want to stick to your day job for the time being.

Affiliate marketing used to be really and fast way back when no one really knew what it was, but today, everyone has their hand in the pie. However, with that said, it doesn’t mean there isn’t space for you, it just means you need to think a little more outside the box and come up with ways to get your site off to the best possible start, which is what we are helping with today.

Creating a Site

I’m assuming you know all about domains and how to get them. I’ll also assume you know how to create a site or at least where to find the simple drag and drop sites that require no programming. Once you have all that sorted, you need to do some research to find out how others are covering the type of information you’re including with your site. For example, if you’re blogging about cars, go visit some of the biggest car sites and see what’s great and what you would do differently.

Remember to create the site with a background that doesn’t grab all the attention as you’ll want the content and information to be the main focus. If you’re doing ads on your website, be sure to keep these in mind and leave a spot open between your content, menus and other features the site might include.

If you’re creating an affiliate site marketing a brand such as online casinos, your approach would be completely different as you’ll need to add the content along with casino links, review links, and a rather large menu at the top of the side, leaving visitors to game guides, casino reviews and just about everything else.

You’ll have to make the site attractive for the type of visitors you’re expecting. You would want a bright and flashy site that’s all about gardening. These are important things to consider as the visitors you get would determine your income. The more visitors you have, the more ads get clicked on and the more people go through your affiliate links.

Choosing Affiliates

There are so many opportunities out there, each offering their own unique advantages, but it would all depend on what type of site you’re creating.

If you’re just going with a simple blog site, the best would be to include ads from places such as Google as they provide a full system that makes it really easy. With a blog site, you can still include marketing by mentioning specific brands in the blogs.

If you’re focusing on a specific subject such as gambling, you’ll need to do some research and choose affiliate programs that provide the features you want with the revenue you desire.

Shifting Your Content and Logic to Achieve Ultimate SEO Effectiveness in 2019

Google made it clear in recent years that mobile website compatibility is important and in 2019 it is changing to mobile-first indexing that will become a key factor in website ranking. Originally, the mobile-first index was introduced in March 2018, when Google announced that after more than a year of testing and experimenting, they have started migrating sites for mobile-first indexing.

At the same time, Google reminded that its ranking and indexing systems, up to then used the desktop version of the content, which is different from mobile. By introducing the mobile-first indexing, the indexing and ranking would change and focus primarily on mobile users.

Mobile-First Indexing Preparation

The most important ranking factor in mobile is fast loading, over 70% of mobile sites take longer than seven seconds to load, while more than 50% of mobile users simply leave pages that are not fully loaded within 3 seconds.

The Google Page Speed tool is great for checking the performance of your page and provide website owners to access the loading speed of their site, while it also offers some tips on how to improve it. Google also indicates that sites with responsive designs are recommended for the optimized mobile-friendliness and usability.

Mobile-first indexing is a major shift from the traditional way Google indexed pages. Indexing is basically the storing and reading of information and should your online pages and the mobile version not match, you could experience problems. No problems are expected for sites using responsive web designs since the content on the desktop and mobile version would be the same. When the mobile and desktop versions are different problems do occur, in many cases, the mobile content is less due to space and size and the missing mobile content could cause lower rankings. The reason why rankings could be lower is that Google will base its decisions in future on the shorter mobile version, which could be less valuable in Google’s estimation.

Google’s Mission

Since 1998, Google had one mission in mind and that is to organize and make information useful and accessible. While the way people use and search continuously change, Google continues to evolve and make changes to provide the expectations of internet users. More than 1,600 improvements took place in 2016, all focussed on improving the search results usefulness.

Benefits of Mobile-First Indexing to Mobile Users

The new mobile-first indexing is extremely beneficial to anyone using their mobile device instead of their desktops for searches. The visitor’s percentage via mobile devices to most sites increased from 57% to 65% and the time spend on mobile sites is already showing an increase from 40% to 49%, while the bounce rate on mobile has decreased from 52% to 47%. The mobile-first indexing by Google ensures that everyone enjoys the best possible experience and marketers need to make sure they take full advantage of the changes, by optimizing content for mobile search engines and ensuring that the content is of high quality.

Turning Visitors into Leads

Doing it yourself or forking out the cash to create a site takes long either way. It’s not just the long development hours, but also working on a specific layout that compliments what it’s all about. Of course, there’s the content as well, which is important as it tells visitors what the site is all about and what they can expect from what you do.

The content, details, pictures, videos and all the other information about the site you add could have a really big effect on how many of your visitors turn into clients. Of course, that would be the most desired result, even if your site isn’t about selling something, but rather getting people to watch your videos or read about information you have.

There are a few things you need to keep in mind when creating a site, which involves allowing visitors to get in touch with you or to consider the products you provide. It’s important to see what competitors are doing but be sure to have your own goals and create the content in a way that appeals to your target.

Include Information in an Easy to Use Way

The first thing you’ll have to provide is information. This links to the search engine and providers your most SEOs, especially when you combine your headings, page titles and talk about the subject in your text.

While many website drive people to their website with SEOs, there are some that abuse the SEOs and actually make it really difficult to read as the content doesn’t make sense. Of course, this isn’t something you want either and search engines like Google would actually give you a lower rating if your content is just focused towards SEOs.

Instead, write a about the product, but make it easy to use and feature all the information people would want to see. For example, let’s take a car website and consider the details and way it should appear. You’ll get visitors by including pictures of the car (for those who just want to look), you’ll get others who want to read your content where you reviewed the car and you’ll get even more by including a table with the specifications of the car.

Adding a video would simply boost it even more but remember each of these content forms would have their own keywords.

Turning a Visitor into a Lead

Now that you have people on your site, what would you like them to do? Contact you? Buy something? Read more? It doesn’t matter as the answer is all the same. You want people to complete an action, which is why you need an action button or option.

If the car dealer had to have an action feature it would be to get people to leave their details and book a test drive or find out more about the features the car has to offer.
The point is, you need to make it convenient for your visitors to follow the action. It almost has to be easier than it is to leave the website.

Using YouTube to Attract New Visitors

YouTube is an incredibly powerful marketing tool that allows you to communicate with your audience in a completely new way. Not only can you inform people about your products or services, but your visitors can decide to subscribe and follow you to find out more about what it is you do and how it can benefit them.

As we all know, videos are now everywhere, and everyone has their own channel, talking about everything from make up through to the latest information with NASA. Of course, there are millions of subjects in between, which might just be where your company, service, product or information can fall in.

The great thing is, having a YouTube channel is completely free and could even then you some money in show videos are effective enough to gain enough views. However, instead of focusing on the earning potential, we will look at YouTube as a way of gaining more business and leading viewers to your website.

Create Your Channel

Creating your channel might seem quick and easy, but if you want it to be most effective and provide the best possible search results, you would need to fill in as much information as you possibly can. YouTube caters to everyone, from individuals who want to talk about specific subjects through to companies who want to attract potential buyers to their products.

Therefore, fill in as many keywords and search phrases as you possibly can and ensure they are relevant to the information you will be providing on the channel. Add a company logo to the profile and ensure there are ways for viewers to communicate with you and also get to your website.

Creating the channel could take some time when you are doing it right, but this won’t only make it easier for people to find you and communicate, it will also boost your website’s standings on search engines.

Uploading Videos

Once again, this seems like a quick and easy process that simply requires you to upload the video and people will just find it. However, it is once again important to tell the search engine what the video is about. Sure, you can just add the product name, but it’s best to use a wide variety of keywords that relate to your products.

For example, if you are talking about apples, you won’t just make the keyword “apples”, but rather include “fruit”, “healthy”, “what are apples” and more. The number of keywords is simply endless and relate differently to the subject of your video.

Instead of trying to think of all the possible keywords, use programs that tell you what the most relevant keywords are and how often people search for a period. This will ensure that your video not only appears at the top of YouTube searches, but could be the most relevant for Google searches and other engines as well.

Why Blogging is Important for Your Website

For most, blogging seems to be a simple way to tell the world about what you or the company you work for does, but when you really consider all the aspects of this marking form, you’ll quickly notice it’s a lot more than that and could actually introduce a whole lot of new businesses and visitors to your website.

Needless to say, it’s important to consider what you blog about as it wouldn’t help to attract people to a motor-sport website by blogging about makeup tips. Sure, you might get some new visitors who are interested in those tips, but they visit would end there as they might not share an interest in motor-sport.

Instead, you’ll need to follow the “how to” of blogging and carefully do the research to ensure the best results, including key-word searches regarding your blog. You’ll also need to include enough content in the post to make it attractive for the reader and encourage them to visit other pages on your site and engage more. Of course, the ultimate benefit would result in visitors who return and eventually use your services, buy items or get in touch with the ways you want them to.

It doesn’t matter what your website is all about, blogging is a huge addition to your marketing strategy, which is why we’ve created this article to tell you even more about the benefits!

What to Blog About and Why

Let’s keep to the motor-sport website example from above, which could include various categories, making it really easy to blog about. You can blog about the latest racing results, new regulations for racing in the next year, the best racing tracks and so much more.

All of those examples might not apply to your personal website or the subject of your site might not be as broad, but there are always things to blog about. For example, the makeup tips site mentioned above could include info about new products and how they work, how to do your make up guides and more.

Got the Idea – What Now

So, not that you have a subject for your blog, it’s as easy as writing and posting, right? Not quite. To get the very best results for your post and allow people to find it, you’ll need to choose your keywords carefully. There are various tools, which we spoke about in older articles on the site, which allow you to get specific words and phrases people use to find info that’s on your blog.

Be sure to include links to any other pages on your site as this allows the visitor to go into more pages and possibly engage in the services or products. For example, if you write about a specific race at a well-known track, link the track name to a page where you tell people more about it.

Also, be sure to share your posts on social media as this is one of the best ways to get your name out there. Be sure to include a catchy heading and use a font that’s easy to read, not too big or too small for mobile phones and you’re good to go!

Best Ways to Keep Getting New Visitors

It doesn’t matter what your website is for, it’s there to be found by clients, fans, friends and more. To make it possible, you’ll need to ensure your search engine optimization is good as this is one of the best ways to get discovered on Yahoo!, Google, Bing and all the others out there. However, there are many other things you can consider for your visitors to return for more and keep up with your latest trends.

Websites range in various sizes, including the micro sites with a single page, which usually tells you about a specific item. Of course, the SEO setup for such as a page would be more demanding as it would need to include key information about multiple aspects of the service or product that everyone can find. These pages could include blogs, but most of the time they simply service for a short period to attract new people.

The bigger sites are much better for contact traffic, not only because it covers a larger variety of SEO keywords and phrases, but rather that additional information can be added without much effort. Clients interested in the service or product also have the opportunity to look around and read/view more about what the site is all about, which is important when it comes to businesses and services.

Once you have the website in place and ensured your SEOs make it easy for people to find you, use the following methods to keep your clients satisfied and coming back for more. These methods are great for businesses, service providers and even personal blog pages.

Get on Social Media

The social media world makes it easier for everyone to spread the word about businesses, blog, services and so much more. Therefore, the next step has to be getting the website on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and any other platforms where people might be able to find you.

Social platforms such as Facebook are great as you can choose the type of business or page you want and enter just about all the details your visitors will need. You can even create a shop on Facebook that allows your clients to instant shop from there to purchases items or services without visiting your website at all.

It’s also great to get your fans/potential clients to keep up to date with news, items and features you’re introducing. This way, you already have an audience waiting to buy and learn from your pages, boosting sales and getting your name out there even faster.


Once you have social pages and SEOs that let people find you, blog about the services you offer. However, instead of just writing random things about your site, search for keywords your site doesn’t currently consider or phrases that mean the same thing but stated in a different way.

There are many excellent SEO tools that provide crucial information regarding what people are searching when looking for things that you cover. Be sure to use them and create blogs about it and how you already have what they desire.

Keywords Best for Your Niche

Providing unique products or services that relate directly to the needs of your clients is a major plus point for marketing yourself. However, with the large online market, chances are many others provide a similar service, making it a competition to ranking the highest in the markets you’re targeting.

Regardless of how well you know the product or service you offer, chances are you won’t know the exact keywords or phrases your clients might use to find you. The fact is, with niche products and services, it’s actually harder to do keywords as it means it’s something specific and not something everyone might require. At the same time, due to the limited need, it makes it easier to target your clients, if you have the right keywords of course.

Research Tools for Keywords

The most important part of our Search Engine Optimization is the keywords you use. These are works of phrases that clients might enter into search engines such as Google to find a product or service they need. With some industries, these keywords become very specific, which are the exact one you want, especially if your services cover the need.

Once you know what your services are and what relates to it, use keyword tools to generate the most popular searches. Some of these might be strange and not make any sense as people tend to shorten phrases for better results. For example, instead of searching for “wallpapers of Pyramids in Egypt” they simply search “Egyptian Pyramid Wallpapers” or “Wallpapers Pyramids Egypt”.

With just the simple example above, you can already see many ways of searching are possible, but how do you know which is the most used? Well, that’s where tools come in as they tell you what people reach most relating to your professions. So, if you provide the best wallpapers, type in the keyword “wallpapers” into the tool and see what related searches are available and link directly to your product or services.

Use the Keywords Effectively

Now that you have the keywords, you need to add them to your website for your site to rank on search engines. It might seem as easy as simply adding the keywords in random positions all over the website, but you’ll actually need to pay attention to the way you use the keywords to rank better than your competition.

Use the keywords in headings, ensure they appear in text under that heading and ensure they are spaced well. Google and other search engines apply various tests that ensure high ranking sites provide better content and accurate information relating to the service and product.

It’s important to ensure your content is spaced well, reads easily isn’t stuffed with keywords and has enough information relating to the product or service. It’s also important to use more than one keyword as not everyone in need of your niche would use the same keywords. Be sure to use SEO checking tools that rate your content and tell you how to improve it even more for better ratings.

What is RankBrain from Google?

RankBrain is not a new online tool, it has been read by over 17K and 3.3K have shared it, and RankBrain by Google have been available online since 2015, although it was only introduced worldwide in October 2015.

Google’s RankBrain Described in 2015 Article

It was the Bloomberg news story that introduced all online users to the brand-new product at the time, RankBrain is a tool that utilises artificial intelligence to embed massive amount of written content into mathematical entities, these are called vectors, which can be understood by the computer. Once RankBrain identifies a phrase or word it is not familiar with, it makes a guess as to what the phrase or word might mean and filter it accordingly, which makes it a lot more effective in handling never-seen-before search queries.

Google Only Uses RankBrain

It is Google’s third most important ranking tool after links and content, RankBrain is no entirely a ranking signal it is more a method of processing queries and searched in a way that it sees best. Around 15% of all Google searches are new on a daily basis, which means 15% of the searches are unique, and no-one else has searched the words or phrases before. So, in reality, RankBrain is Google’s processing algorithm that utilises machine education to sort the best matches for searches. While it at first only handled around 15% of searches, it now is involved in all queries entered via Google.

RankBrain Influencing Query Results

Google’s RankBrain impacts search in all countries and languages and when it is most active is when an unknown or unique query is received. RankBrain utilises a series of databases based on things, places, or people, where words are broken up into vectors to find an address. Once Google comes to process the unknown word or phrase it uses mathematically mapped out associations in order to assume the best match or fit. Over a bit of time, the results are refined according to interaction.

Search engine discarded words such as “the” & “and” are not in the analysis or RankBrain since it is in place to understand searches better. It is used by Google to convert content into word sectors. Optimising is easy when it comes to RankBrain and all you need is to write in natural language, the content must sound human, as writing like a machine is bound to confuse it. RankBrain is hugely beneficial in unique cases, however if you want to optimize your site to cater for unique words it would be a lengthy process, the program is in place to offer better search results, so if you trying to optimize for it, it would be nothing less than aiming to hit an ever-moving target. What you can do to increase traffic is to write great content that sounds natural.

Necessity of Correct Search Engine Marketing

SEO’s are in place to make your website easily available to users and search engines. Search engines are sophisticated and understand the website in a completely different way to humans, and SEO optimisation helps the engines to categorise the web page according to what it is about and how it could benefit users or how they search for it.

SEO Related Argument

Many and these are normally website owners irritated by the way SEO optimisation takes place often argue that no smart engineer could or would build a search engine that requires some of the principles and rules that indexes or ranks websites according to how it works now.

Search engines are machines or robots, and while an image of a dog would be described by humans as a Labrador, medium sized dog, or a black dog, the search engine struggles to understand the photo and is not near the sophistication level of humans. The real problem is how can anyone get a search engine to understand content and if that is possible how do you get it to understand an image, well a photograph. Webmasters, fortunately, are allowed via SEO to provide the engines with clues on how to understand the content. The proper structure allows the proper format, guild and annotation of the web content to be digested by the search engine in a proper way.

Websites are Invisible to Search Engines without Proper SEOs

Most of the search engines operate on the very same principles, they accomplish modern searches via massive databases, and there are still several limitations that could cause technical limitations and these cause indexing and crawling problems.

Poor Links

Poor link structures are often the cause of problems. This is when a websites link structure is not logical or at all understandable to the search engine/s. It could be that they do not reach some of all of the websites content and therefore provide the minimal exposure that is unimportant to the index of the engine. One of the most common problems is blocked in the code. This is caused when there is a problem in the websites directives also referred to as robot text, which in most cases lead to the blocking of the entire website.

The search engines are getting better in understanding non-HTML text, which includes plug-n content, audio, photos, videos, images and Flash files. What also could negatively count against your website is using uncommon text terms, if most people search online for refrigerators and you used the words food cooling units, search engines would not send those looking for refrigerators to your website, as the words have nothing to do with each other. SEO is all about getting the terms perfect, which means the text is search engine friendly, correct and it covers the correct keywords, words online users would type into the search engine once they start looking for specific items.