Coca-Cola Christmas Advertisements Rated Best by Consumers

The marketing industry intentionally focuses on the holidays, enabling largescale corporations to release prominent advertisements meant to excite consumers into spending. Different approaches were enlisted in 2020, with marketing films employed by corporations like Pepsi & Coca-Cola focusing on the emotional losses that come with Covid-19. Multiple companies battled for dominance in the holiday marketing space, knowing consumers would later vote on which advertisement held popularity. December 8th saw “Marketing Week Magazine” announce the company that won for 2020, with readers voting online. Coca-Colas two Christmas advertisements took the victory. This marks another consecutive year of achievement for Coca-Cola.

“The Letter” & “The Holidays are Coming” advertisements focused on the emotional heartstrings that’ve followed for this year’s holiday season. Several categories with MWM saw Coca-Cola take victory, with Marketing Week Magazine having ten groups for companies to win. Prominent awards acquired by Coca-Cola included the broadcasting potential of these advertisements, with 95% of voters suggesting Coke’s marketing can sustain the prolonged timeframe.

Voters were questioned on the emotions felt when watching Coca-Cola’s two advertisements. Warmth & Love was expressed by 88% of the voters, with 93% feeling different about the holidays after watching those commercials. Marketing Week Magazine requested if readers felt optimistic about Christmas & the holidays during Covid after witnessing these advertisements, which 75% indicated they’d had a better outlook on 2020 after seeing Coke’s marketing commercials.

How to Approach the Pandemic Holidays?

Numerous difficulties arose for largescale corporations wanting to approach Christmas advertisements in 2020. Direct approaches wouldn’t benefit those companies, knowing consumers have lower finances available for holiday shopping this year. Advertising firms made decisions to focus on nostalgia & emotion, with companies listening to firm recommendations acquiring higher votes than corporations that made direct approaches.

The Head of Creative Excellence for Kantar UK discussed the results released by Marketing Week. Lynne Deason emphasised that by combining nostalgic & emotional attributes into advertisements, corporations like Coca-Cola appealed to mass consumers with “The Letter” and “The Holidays are Coming”. It’s expected that profits for Coca-Cola during 2020s Christmas season won’t deplete following these advertisements.