COVID-19 Found in New York Tesla Plant

Governments are restarting their economies, hoping that by implementing standard safety measures, a 2nd wave of the novel coronavirus pandemic can be avoided. This is proven an illogical mentality to support, with there being 19+ thousand additional cases of COVID-19 confirmed in the United States alone on May 2nd. One of these infections applied towards an employed individual at the Tesla Buffalo Solar Panel Factory, marking this unnamed individual as the 4th who contracted the disease with the company since reopening factories in the United States.

Most have forgotten that from March to May, there were confirmed infections of COVID-19 is the same factory space that Tesla shares with many technology conglomerates. This includes the Panasonic Company; recording confirmed infections for every month since the coronavirus broke out in America. Two corporations announcing confirmed infections in the same general space indicates an outbreak. The involvement of the CDC could become necessary, forcing Elon Musk to terminate solar panel production for the 2nd time.

Elon Musk didn’t announce that the Tesla Buffalo Solar Panel Factory was reopening, with the New York State Facility becoming operational again by May 19th. Resuming operations were permitted after Tesla Strategists provided formal health & safety measures. These measures haven’t actively been followed, with there being a specific infection fifteen days after reopening.

PR Representatives with Tesla indicated their sadness by announcing that an additional member of their workforce has contracted the virus. An internal investigation is being held to determine if this unnamed individual participated in the recent protests in New York City. These protests have prompted the majority of infections seen on May 2nd.

Buffalo Concerned with Tesla

Challenges will face this factory if furloughs increase. The Telsa Corporation provided insurances to Buffalo Politicians that they’d hire 1500 local civilians, with their promises exceeding expectations by Elon Musk saying he’d employ more significant numbers of Buffalo Civilians. Three months after the pandemic broke out & less than five hundred have been rehired, with all remaining furlough employees told they didn’t meet “Key Employment Goals”. Similar issues weren’t seen at Tesla’s Nevada or California Factories.