Crayola Begins Marketing Campaign with Kellogg’s Cereal

Corporate partnerships reach agreements that consumers wouldn’t ever anticipate, with subsequent products challenging to ascertain. There are instances were these odd partnerships create consumable foods with delicious flavour profiles & exciting marketing campaigns. That’s been witnessed again after Crayola announced their partnership with Kellogg’s, introducing a consumable product nobody wouldn’t thought the crayon manufacturer would release.

The Kellogg’s Crayola Jazzberry cereal is available to consumers in America & Canada. Individuals anticipating a colourful morning breakfast receive cereal crunch-balls in yellow, orange, pink, blue, green, and purple. Multicolored sugar-specks are sprinkled to add additional coloring to this cereal. Parents remembering iconic cereals from the 80s & 90s will sense familiarity with Crayola’s & Kellogg’s partnership, which focused on colorful cereals that’d entice children into delicious but flavourful breakfasts. Berry flavour profiles are introduced with the “Kellogg’s Crayola Jazzberry Cereal”. Taste testers pre-reviewing the cereal before launch rated an average 4/5.

An official statement regarding the release of “Kellogg’s Crayola Jazzberry Cereal” was given by Crayola. It’s mentioned that recreating artistic breakfast cereals became the goal after partnering with Kellogg’s. Crayola believes their cereal a masterpiece, with rainbow-colour puffs that are enjoyable with each bite. Statement details also clarified each box comes with crayons & colouring paper for children to enjoy. It’s rare that cereals provide children with special treats to make breakfast more exciting. The additional attribute of crayons could enable Kellogg’s & Crayola’s latest cereal to become widely adopted by parents.

Price & Where to Buy

Walmart is the first retailer to provide the “Kellogg’s Crayola Jazzberry Cereal” for online purchase. Boxes come in 11.6oz at $3.64 with limits of three per purchase. Detailers weren’t provided on when other retailers like Target & Whole Foods will begin offering Kellogg’s latest cereal. That means this cereal could be an unknown exclusive for Walmart. It should be mentioned, Walmart isn’t supporting retail sales of the “Kellogg’s Crayola Jazzberry Cereal”.