Creating an Affiliate Site

So you’ve heard about the amazing earning potential of having an affiliate website that markets for other online brands or simply feature adverts the pay you for each view or click. Well, it’s true, there are huge amounts of cash to be made online, but if you think it’s just a day or two’s work, you might want to stick to your day job for the time being.

Affiliate marketing used to be really and fast way back when no one really knew what it was, but today, everyone has their hand in the pie. However, with that said, it doesn’t mean there isn’t space for you, it just means you need to think a little more outside the box and come up with ways to get your site off to the best possible start, which is what we are helping with today.

Creating a Site

I’m assuming you know all about domains and how to get them. I’ll also assume you know how to create a site or at least where to find the simple drag and drop sites that require no programming. Once you have all that sorted, you need to do some research to find out how others are covering the type of information you’re including with your site. For example, if you’re blogging about cars, go visit some of the biggest car sites and see what’s great and what you would do differently.

Remember to create the site with a background that doesn’t grab all the attention as you’ll want the content and information to be the main focus. If you’re doing ads on your website, be sure to keep these in mind and leave a spot open between your content, menus and other features the site might include.

If you’re creating an affiliate site marketing a brand such as online casinos, your approach would be completely different as you’ll need to add the content along with casino links, review links, and a rather large menu at the top of the side, leaving visitors to game guides, casino reviews and just about everything else.

You’ll have to make the site attractive for the type of visitors you’re expecting. You would want a bright and flashy site that’s all about gardening. These are important things to consider as the visitors you get would determine your income. The more visitors you have, the more ads get clicked on and the more people go through your affiliate links.

Choosing Affiliates

There are so many opportunities out there, each offering their own unique advantages, but it would all depend on what type of site you’re creating.

If you’re just going with a simple blog site, the best would be to include ads from places such as Google as they provide a full system that makes it really easy. With a blog site, you can still include marketing by mentioning specific brands in the blogs.

If you’re focusing on a specific subject such as gambling, you’ll need to do some research and choose affiliate programs that provide the features you want with the revenue you desire.