Creating An App for Your Business – Appy Pie

We live in a world where our lives are often centred on apps. They are becoming part of our daily lives, and for every challenge you might face, there will be an app as a solution. Hence, why not be the solution to your client’s problems by creating an app, bespoke to your business. Appy Pie is the perfect solution to assist you through this new journey.

Appy Pie Inc in a Nutshell

Appy Pie Inc launched in 2014 as a mobile app creator. With Appy Pie, you can create an application for a variety of platforms. These will include iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone. Appy Pie allows people to create and monetize a type of apps. It makes use of a Game Builder Platform, which makes it easy and straightforward for people to use with no experience in the field of application creation. Appy Pie is available globally in a variety of languages.

The Fastest Growing Mobile Apps Builder Software

Since their launch, the users of Appy Pie have built in the access of 2 million applications for mobile. Hence, they consider themselves as the fastest growing software supplier in the mobile app building industry. The two most desirable factors about this software are, firstly, you can access it free of charge, considering you don’t mind some advertisements in between. Secondly, they do offer the implementation of some excellent and impressive services, like Tinder and Uber clones. Their software also provides support for a broad array of different features, like Augmented Reality and CRM.

Great Features

Appy Pie delivers up to 56 added features or pages which you can add to your app. They are easy to use and are categorized according to their purpose. Ease of use is an overall characteristic of Appy Pie. It allows you to build a simple app within minutes. Even the more complex options can also be achieved easily.

They have also made it easy to add marketing and e-commerce to your app. For many platforms, you only need to link your app and the platform. These platforms include some of the most well-known, including Amazon, Shopify, Etsy and more. The support which Appy Pie offer towards credit card payments and loyalty cards of your clients is also amazing. Appy comes with analytics software as well as Mailchimp to ensure easy marketing.

The Cons

Although Appy Pie will deliver on quite a large number of needs when creating your application, you might consider some of their templates on the first side. Another con is that if you have expected to incorporate the technology of for example a Tinder clone, it can be done, but it will require a bit more of knowledge from your side to integrate with third-party developers. In conclusion, Appy Pie can be considered as an excellent solution for most app design needs, yet it can be limiting when more complex applications are required.