Disney & Amazon Release 2020 Christmas Advertisements

Corporate representation of the holidays is continuing in 2020, with most companies negating the global pandemic & focusing on increasing positivity throughout millions of households. Dozens of prominent brands have unveiled their holiday advertising campaigns, with Amazon & Disney being the latest. Other companies like McDonald’s, Zalando, Hudson’s Bay, Walmart, and Target have released their respective advertisements. Reviewing critics have awarded McDonald’s & Disney for sustaining the best commercials for 2020s holiday season. Amazon’s campaign has received notable backlash from critics & been awarded the worst commercial for the 2020 holidays.

The Disney Commercial, “From our Family to Yours”.

Family traditions are the prominent theme of Walt Disney Corps holiday advertising. Commercial footage shows a grandmother & granddaughter experiencing the holidays together in CGI Animation. Graphically speaking, Walt Disney Corp employed their latest computer-generated imagery to format this commercial. The footage is high-quality, resembling recent films from Disney like Coco & Frozen Two. Somehow the sense of nostalgia is created throughout the two-minute runtime. Disney fanatics have suggested that this Mexican family is related to Coco & could be teasing an unsuspecting sequel.

The Amazon Commercial, “The Show Must Go On”.

Amazon’s advertisement reminds viewers of the problematic employment standard maintained by the online conglomerate. Household cheer & glee throughout North America wouldn’t be possible without the misery of Amazon’s workforce, who work in appalling conditions & are treated similarly to robotic slaves, as opposed to human beings.

Live footage throughout this commercial tells the storyline of Taïs Vinolo, a French Ballerina that’s classically trained. Her story informs viewers that throughout the pandemic she’s trained forcibly at home. Amazon then evokes that their two-day shipping & array of products allowed for Taïs Vinolo to create the perfect training studio.

Viewers backlashed against this commercial, which highlights an aspect of society most find uncomfortable. The backlash also was evoked towards the commercial directors, which forced viewers to witness disturbing footage of Taïs Vinolo dancing in revealing material. Considering that Taïs Vinolo is seventeen years old, this commercial is borderline pedophiliac & shouldn’t be supported by viewers. It’s yet another instance of Amazon’s disgusting behaviour as an international corporation.