Ekans Ransomware Infects Honda Ltd

The Honda Company confirmed on June 10th that they’d experienced an Ekans Ransomware Attack, which has subsequently impacted their international operations. Based through cybernetic malware that ping from one location to another, once Ekans has infected a system, it’ll take over within 24 Hours. Honda forcibly confirmed that accessing their computer servers isn’t possible, with this extending to their internal email systems, and manufacturing networks. It’s prompted a notable impact onto the manufacturing facilities located outside Japan. Representatives then mentioned that support staff are working diligently to minimalize the international implications, with full functionality returning by the latest of June 15th. Personnel under the Sales Department are unable to adhere to retailer obligations until a solution is obtained.

Manufacturing on Sedans, SUVS, Trucks, Motorcycles, Lawn Mowers and Generators have been affected by the Ekans Ransomware. Representatives didn’t confirm if the unnamed attackers have requested funds to return services to the Honda Company. It’s speculated that Honda is employing their support team before engaging in delegations with a cybernetic terrorist. Corporations infected with the Ekans Ransomware have previously paid millions to reobtain their operations, with Honda most likely not willing to go down this road.

Details regarding the level of infection from Ekans wasn’t detailed. However, multiple factories with Honda have postponed operations until the 15th. This includes their Sweden, North America, Japan, Turkey, and Italy Manufacturing Facilities. Honda 1st remarked that employed personnel were informed to remain home for one day, with that period increasing to several. This guarantees that the Ekans Ransomware has infected all aspects of the Honda Company’s internal operations.

Denied Aid

Cyber Security Experts worldwide have offered to provide the Honda Company with their insight. Refusal from representatives is often the reaction given to these individuals. Experts were questioned on why they’ve been refused Consultant Status, with it being remarked that Honda doesn’t want inside sources that aren’t permanent employees engaging with their systems. This could result in delayed solutions for their Ekans Ransomware Attack. Every day that Honda doesn’t solve this attack means another day that Customer Information can be stolen. Representatives claim that information hacks aren’t possible under their software. However, this isn’t true when someone else has control of your internal operating system.