Elon Musk Disregards National Lockdown Orders

Headlines regarding Elon Musk have been prevalent through April & May, which follows after the Tesla CEO made numerous tweets that were considered foolish by his investors. It prompted the valuation of Tesla to drop by billions. Investors are concerned that valuations will deplete a 2nd time after Elon Musk reopened his powerplant unexpectedly through Twitter. The Chief Executive Officer of Tesla informed that production restarted before the media was told, with all employees operating their respective duties with social distancing being maintained. Musk was reopened this powerplant against the legislation enacted by California, who are continuing their social distancing measures until a considerable drop in infections is seen.

These remarks through Twitter indicated that if local authorities implemented enforcement, then the Tesla Powerplant wouldn’t be considered their headquarters anymore and would inevitably be shutdown. These sentiments came after Elon Musk vocalized his demands for lockdowns to be lifted, suggesting that America needs to be freed and that the coronavirus shouldn’t concern civilians. It’s remarks of this nature that’ll inevitably prompt the valuation of Tesla to deplete a 2nd time.

It should be noted that California is allowing specific conditions with manufacturing in all Counties except for Alameda, which is where the Tesla Fremont Plant is located. Elon Musk forced a lawsuit onto the Alameda Country, claiming that their orders to stop Tesla’s manufacturing are illegal under the new state and federal conditions. Elon isn’t waiting for his request to be met either, with the CEO taking actions into his own account. Local law enforcement was informed of these illegal actions, with these officers awaiting a decision from Alameda County before proceeding.

Prison Time

Both Alameda County and the Tesla Company are engaging in delegations through their respective health departments, with insiders remarking that Musk won’t budge on his decision. Alameda Officials in response have informed Tesla that they’ll be criminally punished in the same manner to other companies in the County that have broken lockdown protocols. This prompted Elon Musk to make one final tweet, where he demanded that under any form of punishment, he be the one arrested. Don’t be surprised if the superstar billionaire philanthropist is imprisoned by next week.