Emergency Measures Approved by the Israeli Government

Israeli Government Politicians have implemented emergency measures that enable security agencies additional capabilities. These capabilities apply towards tracking the Mobile-Phone Data of individuals suspected with the coronavirus. Infected patients will be monitored to ensure that quarantine is enforced, while also warning their respective phone contacts of the infection. These temporary emergency measures were implemented on March 17th during a Midnight Cabinet, allowing politicians to bypass the parliamentary approval.

The Association for Civil Rights in Israel expressed that these temporary measures are a dangerous precedent that could lead to a slippery slope. These tracking capabilities are typically provided for counter-terrorism operations exclusively. It should be mentioned that Israeli Government Officials didn’t supply details on this cyber monitorization, with it being suspected that telecommunication operators are providing these security agencies will the required data. These operators include Cellcom and Pelephone, with those brands being two of the most influential across Israel. Informative data will also be passed on towards health officials.

The Health Ministry & Security Agencies will be capable of tracking citizens once they’re highlighted as a potential coronavirus case. They’ll be watched to ensure that quarantine measures are being adhered. Text messages can be automatically provided to the respective individual’s phone contacts, requesting information if they saw this person recently. The Head of Justice in Israel noted that this immediate legislation would ensure that lives will be saved. The Prime Minister of Israel mentioned that he’s imbalanced by this decision, with him considering civil rights and the requirements for public health.

Israel Coronavirus Details

The early stages of a coronavirus outbreak have begun in Israel. Many of the locals have started complying with the respective quarantine measures, ensuring that their safety is met. Advocates for civil rights have noted that this threat is about public health and not security. Providing these surveillance agencies tracking capabilities could enable them to learn drastic information regarding citizens. It’s prompted many to be uneasy, with economic struggles throughout Israel also creating strain to this situation.

When it applies to the number of confirmed cases in Israel, that number exceeds three hundred. Multiple measures are being imposed to ensure public safety. This has included shutting down shopping centres, educational facilities, restaurants and entertainment venues. Gatherings have been limited to a maximum of ten people. It’s creating economic challenges for each respective citizen.