Facebook Removes Trump Election Campaign Advertisement

Donald Trump has received significant backlash for his Re-Election Campaign Advertisements on Facebook. These advertisements were used by Nazi Germany, with PR Representatives from this social media giant noting that the “Red Triangle” was used to label their opponents as communists. It was a standard tactic used by Adolf Hitler to make Nazi Soldiers believe they weren’t fighting under a communist regime, which they were.

The Trump Campaign Team was informed by Facebook that their advertisement had been removed & wouldn’t be permitted on their social media platform. Representatives for Donald Trump demanded that their President was targeting ANTIFA, an activist group with the far left. When routing where this advertisement originated on the social media platform, the Mike Pence and Donald Trump Pages are revealed. The President and his VP kept this advertisement running for 24 hours, where it became viral & was seen by 500+ thousand civilians in America.

When questioned on their reasoning for removing this advertisement, Facebook mentioned that their support doesn’t extend towards hateful organizations or the groups that represent them. It was clarified that Facebook will always terminate endorsements of racist nature & ignorant ideologies.

Trump’s Excuse

The President of the United States used Tim Murtaugh to clarify his excuses towards this symbol selection. The Trump Campaign Representative mentioned that the Inverted Red Triangle is commonly used with ANTIFA, which is why the video advertisement showed this video. Trump’s Rep than placed blame towards Facebook & mentioned that their Red Triangle Emoji is still used today. When looking for that symbol on American servers of Facebook, it cannot be found.

Most have forgotten that Donald Trump started a personal war with ANTIFA, claiming that this group started the initial George Floyd Riots. Donald Trump has put a significant level of blame regarding these violent protests onto ANTIFA, claiming the group is a Domestic Terrorist Organization. Trump has made it his goal to stop this group from proceeding in their operations. It should be mentioned that ANTIFA works against Neo-Nazis, Supremacists, Fascism, and Racism. The fact that Trump is working to destroy this group shows the President supported those horrendous movements.