Facebook Working on Face Recognition

The never-ending assault of Facebook and their desire to learn more about everyone’s daily lives has been brought up in headlines again. The social media giant has had research released that implicates their using Machine Learning Models through mobile phones. For most, this technology isn’t imposing. However, it tracks and anonymizes faces while collecting hand movement data of consumers. Anyone with a Facebook account now assists Facebook with augmented reality research.

Their actions aren’t illegal and shouldn’t be considered harmful by consumers. Facebook, who presented their new research at the ICCV Conference were prompted to announce its significant investment into Artificial Intelligence after leaks were released several days earlier. Facebook has noted that they plan to use this technology for humanitarian purposes, which many don’t believe after recent issues with Facebook’s Project Libra.

Facebook Becoming More Suspicious

The machine learning models implemented by Facebook cultivate new understandings for facial features, expressions and movements. The social media giant can use this technology for one of two ways, to assist with humanitarian efforts locating individuals who commit wrongful acts against humanity. Facebook could also use this technology to make anyone in the world have different faces. Many analysts suspect that the later is the real purpose for Facebook’s AI Technology and that the tech will benefit criminals with committing even more dangerous offences.

An individual could decide to rob a bank, but on video would appear to be an entirely different person. Law-abiding citizens could change their identity without needing to wear a mask or fabricate an extensive plan. It should be noted that money laundering and criminal activity has skyrocketed in recent years, with Facebook’s data mining and illegal actions being the leading cause of growth. Mark Zuckerberg and Executives with Facebook have denied these claims extensively with law enforcement in America.

Regardless, the system they’ve designed works efficiently and doesn’t require significant optimization. Facebook could deploy the technology as a product today without any concerns. However, government authorities and political oppression has forced Facebook to rethink their strategy. It’s also suspicious that Facebook would want to release this technology in the same period as the Libra Coin. The following result would be a virtual space where those permitting wouldn’t be recognizable. Facebook plans to increase the artificial tracking development cycle, bring new features like cataloguing and reproducing.