Google Apps Banned in Turkey

The Google Corporation has begun implementing bans on their products after the debacle with the American vs. China Trade War. Information was revealed that legal problems resulting between the Turkish Government and Google’s Executives had prompted unwelcomed consequences for consumers. All future products released to Turkey under the Android Branding cannot support Google’s applications. This includes apps like Maps, Messages, Drive, and News. Details were provided to Turkish Retails with an updated version of Google’s Privacy Policy in Turkey.

The official statement noted that Google representatives had informed their respective business partners on the issues at hand. Their wide-scale email confirmed that the Google Corporation wouldn’t work with this Turkish retail moving forward. However, that email confirmed that customers could purchase previous Android models and receive Google’s applications. This means Turkish Citizens buying Android Phones are limited to 2019’s models for supported apps like Google Maps or the Google Play Store.

The Problems Explained

These problems began when the Turkish Government accused the Google Corporation of violating antitrust laws. However, there wasn’t any proof towards these allegations and prompting the country penalizing Google with a $17.4 million fine. It was claimed that Google wasn’t allowing for fair competition in the market, which was more than unfounded. Subsequently, Google changed its policies to allow for a more open-sourced platform. This tech conglomerate responded against these false allegations by banning all practical applications in Turkey. This has prompted an onslaught of negative resentment towards the Turkish Government from their citizens, who were blatantly abusing their power to force the hands of Google Executives.

Analysts deciphered the penalization Google received from the Turkish Government, where it was revealed that the corporation would have to pay out 0.05% of their daily revenue to account for the fine. Subsequently, the Turkish Government wasn’t allowing for a lumpsum payment. Considering the previous bribery and laundered money from the Turkish Government, Google doesn’t trust that Turkish Government Officials will hold this money for proper usage.

Google’s decision has prompted immediate negotiations between executives at Google and officials with the Turkish Government. Unless these officials can meet the requirements set by Google, they’ll find themselves without critical applications that assist with daily life.