Google Employees Remain at Home

The COVID-19 Pandemic has spread worldwide, infecting more than a million and killing thousands. It’s become routine for parents to homeschool their children, which has deterred them from their working responsibilities. There are individual companies of the large-scale proportion implementing specialized programs for these parents. That included the Google Company, which initially announced that employees with parental status would receive fourteen weeks of paid leave. New policies have been implemented with the continued spread of COVID-19, with Google HQ sending an informative letter to all employees in the United States. Those individuals were informed that the policy status of paid leave has increased to twenty-eight weeks. This won’t affect their standard paid leave for vacation periods once the economy is reopened.

Representatives with the Google Company were questioned on the new policy. Spokesmen and woman informed various news sources that employees should be provided with the flexible capabilities to homeschool their children during the lockdown period. It was confirmed that the policy is applicable for 100+ thousand employees in America that have parental status. Benefits for these employees, their spouses and children have been expanded to 100% coverage throughout the pandemic period as well. These specific policies have ensured the safety of American Google employees and their overall workforce.

The Google Company is one of many that’s implementing technological advancements in response to COVID-19. This follows after these large-scale businesses have lost a significant percentage of their workforce during the lockdown period. It should be noted that there are massive corporations that aren’t respecting their employee’s boundaries, safety or medical conditions. The most famous of these corporations is Amazon. They’ve received continuous backlash worldwide for refusing to provide employees proper working conditions during COVID-19. Amazon is infamous for treating their employees like slaves, with individuals often losing their jobs for taking bathroom breaks during working hours.

Other Companies Follow Suit

There have been other companies benefiting their employees with specific policies. That includes Apple and Microsoft, who confirmed that parental status employees would receive paid leave for fourteen weeks. Neither company has announced an increase in their specific policies but are expected to follow suit by April 30th at the latest.