Google Launches Mobile Desktop Mode

Smartphone technology is continually advancing, which prompts numerous software companies to release unknown experimental features. That’s precisely what the Google Corporation did with their most recent update for the Pixel Lineup. Those possessing a developer edition of the Pixel lineup can engage with Google’s mobile desktop mode, a feature that allows for your smartphone to be turned into a computer via specialized accessories. Named the Android Q Desktop Mode, it’s now available on all devices supporting Android Ten. Using the right fitting, individuals can plug their smartphone into computer monitors and launch the Flow Desktop Launcher.

For those thinking this idea is revolutionary for smartphones, you’d be wrong. This technology has been released for years by both Huawei and the Samsung Corporation. Huawei’s desktop mode is considered to be unsatisfactory in comparison to DEX from Samsung. Hundreds of thousands worldwide use the DEX Launcher for their computing needs and prompted Google to copy the service and implement it into Android 10. Subsequently, those owning a Samsung smartphone have two desktop launchers available to them. As mentioned above, Google’s new feature is provided to those using the developer mode of Android 10. Standard users can’t engage with the Flow Launcher until switching over to the developer edition.

Technology analysts have begun deciphering through the Android 10 Desktop Mode, with most claiming that the features are minimal and that there’s plenty of room for improvement. Developers with Android 10 have begun assisting in the growth of this desktop mode, creating proper applications and services for the Flow Launcher. Subsequently, these secret developers are creating a service more similar to Samsung’s Dex.

Need to Know

There is a good reason why the Flow Launcher for Android 10 isn’t working correctly. This technology remains in its preview phase, where numerous bugs are scattered throughout the software. Developers must decipher through these various bugs, locate the solutions, and implement their respective patches. However, this process isn’t straightforward and requires the assistance of Windows 10 desktops.

Developers worldwide claim that the OnePlus 7T and 6T handsets are the best options to locate these bugs and implement patches. Samsung phones with DEX pre-installed will find it challenging to create patches without affecting core software systems. The Google Corporation hasn’t confirmed if the Android Desktop Mode will be released permanently across all devices. Those developers wanting to assist in these updates should know their efforts could be for nothing.