Google Trends to Get Your Business Trendy

If you have ever wondered how your business measures up against others in the industry regarding popularity, then Google Trends is where you need to hang out a bit.

The Basics

Google Trends was developed by Google to research and analyze the popularity of searches based on the top searches run on Google. This website breaks it down to different languages and regions and then using a graph give a comparison based on your inquiry.

Determining a Time Frame for Seasonal Marketing

Trends give you an overview of how the popularity of your search term has varied over any period. This is helpful for those who are in an industry where seasonal relevance is vital. By indicating the season of when a particular item increase in popularity in searches on Google, it is a clear indication of when marketing campaigns for that item needs to be increased.

Doing Brand Research

Keeping an eye on the competition is another valuable attribute of Trends. Trends can be used to measure the popularity of your competitors in the marketplace. It is also a place where you can research the reputation of those with which you want your business to be associated with. Keep, however in mind that a high rating on Google Trends can also refer to a wrong time in the company or person’s history. Not all searches are for positive reasons.

Using Trends in Determining Your Niche

Whenever the world is taken by storm by some popular hit, it will reflect in Trends. Depending on the graph indicated, it would be either something which increase and regularly decrease over some time or if short-lived in popularity, it might spike and then go silent again. Knowing when to push which product you are delivering, into the marketplace, can be determined this way.

Expanding Business

Maybe you have reached a point in your business where you want to expand and widen your horizons. Trends is helpful in this manner, as well. When you search for a topic in Trends, you will also be able to find other popular issues which are related. This will give you a great idea about which products to expand to and when.

Trends Can Guide You Regarding Content

Due to the feedback from Trends regarding topics related to your business, you can determine which items you want to focus on when putting some content out. By using material which is relevant to a specific season, you increase your SEO. Thus, it helps you to create trendy content.

Doing Some Keyword Research

Trends help you to determine famous words to incorporate in your marketing material to up your SEO. By finding words in Trends which are often searched and rated high on the Google Trends site and then using these words in your content, to increase your results as well.

Google Trends is a valuable tool in many ways. Regardless of whether you use it for research, measurement of popularity, or only to find some inspiration. Your business can benefit from this handy Google addition.