Google’s Nearby Sharing Application

The Google Corporation manages and maintains the Android operating system. They’re continuously working on updates and enhancements to that software, which recently has included replicating the AirDrop feature from Apple. Google, for eighteen months, has been developing the Nearby Sharing service, which would allow for Android consumers to send files virtually from one phone to another by simply tapping them together. After considerable deliberation regarding what features Nearby Sharing would offer, the public has finally seen what Google has been developing. An alpha build was provided to XDA Developers, who noted that they’d witnessed UI tweaks and different layouts for sharing that hasn’t been seen before.

XDA Developers has determined after careful evaluation that Nearby Sharing will be maintained through Bluetooth Four, with this service first being exclusive to Pixel handsets. This has been the standard for Google, with the Pixel mobile phones being for flagship product for any Android features. XDA Developers provided the public with video evidence, which shows a Pixel Two and Four sharing information with millisecond timeframes. However, sending this data will require owners of Pixel handsets to create a name for their device and enable the WiFi/Bluetooth features. Transporting the data will take less than ten seconds, depending on the file size. It’s the perfect way to send information without the assistance of the internet.

Video Evidence

The XDA Developers video expressed that Bluetooth will be the primary service sending over data between Pixel handsets. The requirement to enable WiFi is to back-up any lost information or resend data if the original transaction wasn’t processed. Location services are also used to determine which handset is sending data. This will apply to Pixel owners in large metropolises like NYC, where thousands of devices could be located in a kilometre’s radius. It should be noted that Google Corporation expressed that Nearby Sharing works best when users have less than a foot of space between them.

XDA Developers mentioned that Nearby Sharing wasn’t working correctly with their Alpha build. Throughout the video footage, it can be seen that photographs send immediately. When it applies to large files at one gigabyte or more, the Nearby Sharing feature struggled to perform. Multiple transactions with this service are cancelled or terminated, meaning that Google must continue development before Nearby Sharing is launched. Respectively, it isn’t known when service will be officially released to the Google marketplace. XDA Developers did confirm that Nearby Sharing would 100% be launched before the Pixel Six.