Hootsuite enables Social Media Multitasking

In the age of social media dominance in the world of marketing and advertising, any business or individual needs to have a strong social media presence for successful brand building. Keeping all of these different platforms up to date can be a daunting and very time-consuming task. Therefore it is far more convenient and necessary to make use of tools and apps which allows for multitasking when busy with social media updates. Hootsuite is such a tool, allowing you to save time by multitasking and completing many updates all at once.

Hootsuite is a top-rated social media manager who is serving already over 10 million people situated in more than 175 countries. Their head office is based in Canada in Vancouver, but they do have offices based in eight different countries, mainly focusing on supporting the languages of these countries.

Getting Going With Hootsuite

Hootsuite is open to all, and it is as simple as registering your free account. With registration, you will be linked to a username and password. From there, you will be able to choose the different social media platforms applicable to you. Once this is done, you can start scheduling posts, post messages as well as view messages.

Note that no software installation is required to be able to access Hootsuite since you will be working directly from your web browser. Hootsuite integrates with a variety of social media platforms including Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and more. For each of these, you will be requested to enter the login ids and passwords for the various social media profiles which you link to your Hootsuite account. At this stage, Hootsuite will also require the authorization to access added pages related to your profile pages. With the free Hootsuite plan, users can link up to three different social media profiles, all at once. In the case where more patterns need to be kept updated and linked to your Hootsuite account, it is better to register for one of the paid plan options priced at around $29 per month, billed annually and allowing ten profile links.

Hootsuite’s Features

Not only can the application be used to schedule postings, but it is also great with obtaining key metrics on performance as well as brilliant in providing data. Even though there are other applications which do provide more in-depth analytical reports as well as exceptional solutions for influencing management, Hootsuite is perfect for smaller businesses and start-ups.

Hootsuite offers a variety of tools including engagement tools, influencer identification and listening tools. Their dashboard is clear and easy to use. Streams can be added to your profile, and the activity of these streams are continuously being displayed. A newer feature which they deliver is providing customer feedback through integration with Twitter. Through this, social customer service can be improved.

Hootsuite is a comprehensive solution offering much-needed requirements and is therefore understandable that it is rated among the most popular choices for social media management.