How to Build a Website with No Experience

Amazing technology advancements provide incredible features to everyone, including those that have no experience, allowing all to take part in the online world and own a website or even multiple sites.

Over the last few years, multiple website building platforms have made it much easier to design the exact site you want with drag and drop features, meaning there’s no code involved and you don’t need a degree in computer software to finish the site.

Platforms such as Squarespace, WIX and many others provide these simple and easy to use platform where you can create something more impressive than any web designer. These builders don’t just provide the basics but have become incredibly advanced in the website features you can choose. Therefore, you can do anything from a blog website with attractive themes and features through to an online store that does everything for you!

The best part of it all, when you choose WIX or even Jimdo, you get to start for free and take your time when designing your site. They don’t limit you while designing and they provide multiple subscription options to get your website connected to a domain and like on the internet. They even provide advanced website features, including SEO, meta titles and much more, allowing your site and all its content to appear on Google and quickly reach for the top.

Platforms such as Wix also include additional apps that you can add to the site. These would offer unique online store layouts, special website features, third-party SEO guidance and tools among many others.

How to Get Started

It’s really easy to get started with a website builder as you just need to register an account. Head over to Wix or Jimdo first as they provide free builders, which is the best way of getting into the whole site building side of things. You can either sign up with an email address or use the quick social media options such as Facebook.

Once you have an account, you’ll find your way around quickly as there are various options and tools to dive into. Be sure to check out the fees and that they are acceptable as you’ll need one of the packages to get your site to appear online.

Next, you can choose from thousands of templates, which are basically sites that have already been designed to give you a place to start. Once you have a template, it takes you into the website editing where the real action takes place. The editor will have a tutorial to show you around and a few of the features available. From there on, simply go through the options, check out how things work and don’t be afraid to try different things. It’s easy to remove things, change them and make them unique, so have fun!