Huawei Facing International Extradition

The continued aggression between the United States & China began with Huawei, where investigators located information that revealed the handset manufacturer was collecting the data of American civilians. A thorough review of this information was indicated that Huawei would expand its data collection with the introduction of 5G Telecommunications. American Politicians have urged democratic nations worldwide to ban the importing of Huawei’s products. There was a notable resistance against this request, with countries like the United Kingdom unable to deny that Huawei is spying on their civilians.

Most weren’t anticipating that the United Kingdom would follow America in the fight against Huawei. Parliament provided the Huawei Company 35% market share over 5G Networks in Great Britain, Scotland, Ireland, and the Welsh Islands. The unexpected mindset of dismissing Huawei from the United Kingdom has shocked supporters of this brand. It should be noted that politics plays a significant role in this decision, with Parliament having an increase of internal requests against the Chinese Communist Party. This follows after considerable worldwide speculation has faced China, with their communist regime being the 1st infected by COVID-19. Speculation point towards the CCP being involved in the releasing of COVID-19.

The Conservative Party of Great Britain has turned into an Anti-Huawei Camp, with their leader becoming infected with the virus in late April. He’d once supported the concept of growth behind the Chinese Economy before the coronavirus, with his mindset flipping. This is the conventional stance that’s been taken in the United Kingdom Parliament. Avoiding the possibility of significant backlash from UK Politicians, Boris Johnson enacted legislation that will phase Huawei out of Great Britain’s 5G Network. This extends towards Scotland, Ireland, and the Welsh Islands.

Boris Johnson is looking to make this an international phasing out of Huawei. Nations like France, Canada, Japan, Germany, South Korea, Australia, India, and the United States will be requested to terminate the entirety of their involvement with Huawei. Refusal could prompt trade wars amongst G7 Countries. It should be noted that unlike Donald Trump’s fight with Huawei, Boris Johnson is providing reasonable solutions to Huawei leaving the network. One solution would be the D10 Alliance, which would have the Sony Mobile Division possibly replace Huawei. Their reputability as an international corporation provides comfortability to UK Politicians.