Huggies Launches New Marketing Strategy

The Kimberly-Clark Company is looking to expand its product range to new-age groups. KCC is employing a new marketing strategy for Huggies, which comes after sales increased throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Kimberly-Clark wants to become a more consistent brand for families, creating products that cater beyond newborns & toddlers. Huggies will now support young children through some of their most critical growing periods.

An influx of sales came for Kimberly-Clark between January to July in 2020. Families that usually wouldn’t purchase a stockpile of Baby Wipes, Diapers, Training Pants, and Pull-Ups. Huggies wasn’t the exclusive brand under the Kimberly-Clark banner that saw an increase in sales, with Andrex also seeing growing profits with Toiler Paper & Household products. It’s these two attributes that have prompted KCC into solidifying their investment behind Huggies & Andrex.

The Marketing Director for Kimberly-Clark UK Division, Matt Stone, clarified that growing these brands will also mean increasing the premium quality of their products. Huggies wants to display a perception of value onto consumers, an ideal that Kimberly-Clark believes is necessary for continued growth. Matt Stone also evoked costs for upcoming products are accessible for average families, allowing for consumers to think in the Huggies brand.

Huggies updated marketing strategies separate their products into two categories, with the 1st being “Pre-Training” & the 2nd being “Training”. These categories apply towards children that are about to start using potty toilets and eventually move towards the full usage of bathrooms. Matt Store emphasizes that Huggies upcoming products are meant to allow children to explore these moments without any concerns, while parents can watch freely knowing there’ll be no mess. Huggies hopes that the difficult journey of training children to use bathrooms will be lowered through their upcoming products.

The Explorers

Huggies upcoming product is named “Pull-Up Explorers”. Children that haven’t been fully potty trained are more capable of moving freely in these enhanced Pull-Ups. Huggies has notable confidence behind their new product, confirming that the marketing campaign is costing millions of pounds. Another proud achievement came in producing the commercial, which was shot amongst fifteen photographers & their children. Shooting this commercial occurred during the COVID-19 pandemic, which is why all shots are located in the backyards or local parks of these photographers. It’s a unique concept to introduce the “Huggies Pull-Up Explorers.”