Indoor Navigation Coming Soon

The technologies in our everyday life have become invasive and disturbing, with large-scale corporations like Google or Apple, watching over our conversations and movements. One startup company plans to make these tracking technologies more intrusive than ever before, which will be accomplishment by collecting movement data inside homes and buildings worldwide. It’s being developed by Here Technologies and is slated to be the future of mobile tracking. For those that don’t fear this level of restricted privacy, this feature could benefit their daily lives. Navigation will take you from your deck to the local shop or airport gate, showing you every corner that needs to take along the way. This technology was publicly displayed at the Consumers Electronics Show in Las Vegas this year. It hasn’t been receiving the highest level of support, with most finding this form of navigation to be incredibly invasive.

Going indoors

Those wanting to test this service can install the HereWeGo Maps, with the new form of navigation being released in Q2 2020. This feature will eventually be implemented with Apple Maps and Google Maps, with Here Technologies Ltd working with both electronic conglomerates regularly. Both Apple Ltd and Google Corporation will collect virtual blueprints via this tracking technology. This means that our homes, shopping malls, airports, transport hubs, elementary schools, high schools, hospitals and countless other forms of infrastructure will have their blueprints secretly collected. Considering that Google has previously sold tracking data to Chinese firms and American intelligence agencies, this form of the collection can prove detrimental to our society.

Demonstrations were provided for this application, showing somebody selecting a local business inside their shopping mall in Berlin. The individual left the 5th floor of their office, with the building being fully mapped of its corridors and respective rooms. This person was accurately told how to traverse their office building, local roads and the shopping centre to reach their destination. Those believing that this technology focused on GPS would be incorrect. It also focuses on 5G Radio Signals, which are considered to be harmful. Bluetooth will also be maintained. Subsequently, three forms of wireless signals will be emitting your body when using this form of navigation. The health side effects could be severe. It should be noted that Here Technologies Ltd has already begun collecting navigation data with their respective employees. Thousands of transport hubs, shopping malls and hotels have been mapped under HereWeGo Maps.