Innovative Tools for Web Developers

There’s loads of rewards when you are a web developer, but once project managers start to request more work in a shorter time frame, it can quickly become very frustrating. Therefore, its always a great idea to look for tools that will allow you to work faster and be more productive in a short space of time. Therefore, we included a range of useful tools that will certainly lighten the workload going forward.

1. Browser Calories

In recent years, most of us tend to use our mobile devices to browse on the internet and therefore its vital for web developers to keep page weights in mind. The browser calories extension will place an icon next to your address bar that will allow you to check the weight of your page with a single click of a button.

2. Visual Studio Code

This is an open source code editor that is absolutely free from Microsoft that essentially runs anywhere and provides loads of innovative features that will help make code a lot easier and quicker. This includes built-in Git debugger, commands, and much more.

3. Firebug

Create by Firefox developers, this incredible add-on known as Firebug will enable you to monitor, edit, and debug CSS live, JavaScript, and HTML in the browser. Considered one of the most useful web development tools currently on the markets, this is undoubtedly a must-have when you are working with web development.

4. HTML Entity Character Lookup

Utilizing HTML entities is vital in ensuring that all characters on a webpage are validated. Unfortunately, finding the right entity code means that you’ll need to scan through 250 character rows. That’s exactly where Entity Character Lookup comes into play. This useful tool can also be used as a widget when using a Mac Dashboard.

5. Prefix-Free

This phenomenal tool will allow you to utilise unprefixed CSS properties. Developed by Lea Verou, it basically works behind the scenes where it adds the current prefix of the browser to any CSS code, but only when it is required.

6. Cloud9 IDE

This tool will assist you in collaborating with others on projects that require big-scale code. It allows developers from across the globe to edit the code and interact with each other in real time. Cloud9 IDE is quickly becoming the ultimate browser-based IDE with features that include FTP integration, smart drag, drop-document trees, and code editor and completion.

7. Foundation

Developed by ZURB for developers, this incredible prototyping tool will act as a blueprint for all your design projects. The latest version offers an easy grid structure, making styling even more flexible and convenient. It also works with CSS and SASS.

8. Fontello

Fontello is essentially an icon generator and is truly unique. You simply need to select the icons you want and this remarkable tool will compile them into customizable web fronts. This means you can customize and edit the symbol names and codes, making it ideal for those that want to save time as a web developer.