Jimdo Website Builder

Jimdo has come one of the world’s most popular website builders for many reasons, including the free builder plan and the easy to use interface that doesn’t require any programming knowledge, meaning it’s a dragon and drop builder.

There are many options when it comes to drag and drop builders, including Squarespace, Wix and many others. So, why would you choose Jimdo above those and what makes it better? To find out, we start with the fees and pricing options, which all begins with a free website that doesn’t cost you anything at all, much like the option you get with Wix as well. The first option, which is ideal for official websites for bloggers and freelancers starts from just 60 EUR per year, and there’s also a business option for 180 EUR per year, which would include the online store and more features for the site itself.

Both the paid version includes free domains and even unique email address, which isn’t something you get with the primary Wix paid option. You need to pay extra for both the domain and email if you want to link your website or get a unique email.


The new and improved builder software provides an in-browser website builder that doesn’t require any software downloads at all. This means you can use the editor from anywhere and use any browser to put together the website of your dreams.

Before you begin, choose a template that gives you a similar layout as to what you want the website to look like. There are many to choose from, and they make it much easier to get an idea of what you can create with the Jimdo website builder.

Once you’re in the editor, hover your cursor over the page, and you’re sure to see section light up with a block around it. All of the highlighted items can be edited by simply clicking on it. For example, if you can to edit text, do so by selecting a block of text, click where you want to edit and start typing. Once you’re done, click on the blue save button and it saves automatically.

The great thing about the builder is that you can see how any new content affects the rest of your page elements, allowing you to make changes and immediately see any problems that might pop up.

To add other content, you can click on the plus symbol when a window appears. Here you can choose from various content types, including pictures, videos, social media links, HTML5 code and much more.

Once you select the file, it allows you to drag and edit the content, making it possible to fit it in precisely the way you want it to appear on your website. This applies to logos and just about any other building features, making Jimdo one of the easiest to use, even if it’s your first time building.