Judy Justice Announced by Amazon

Cable television is slated to lose its longest-running daytime court program in 2021. It was announced earlier in 2020 that Judge Judy Sheindlin would leave CBC after sustaining her series for decades. An immediate backlash was seen with her announcement, with Judge Judy receiving $45 Million per year during the final seasons.

Most anticipated that the ageing adjudicator would retire after leaving her daytime court program. However, it’s been announced that Judge Judy will join another network for 2021. Amazon Studios confirmed that they’re producing & releasing “Judy Justice” on IMBD TV. It’ll mark the first influential personality that IMBD TV has maintained, which is a free ad-supported streaming service for consumers.

Judy Sheindlin confirmed her partnership with Amazon Studios, remarking her new series will be named “Judy Justice” and will be free for viewers to consume starting in 2021. Details regarding their partnership haven’t been provided by Judy Sheindlin, suggesting that financial compensation for her Amazon contract is higher than CBC. It’d mean that Amazon Studios is paying likely $50 Million or higher for Judy Sheindlin.

Contract costs for Amazon aren’t about the adjudicator’s drama in her courtroom. It’s more about her personality & the popularity Judy Sheindlin will bring for older audiences. Considering that IMBD is known to older audiences & doesn’t cost anything, bringing Judge Judy to the platform will likely increase viewership tenfold. This means that Amazon Studios will probably terminate their contract with Judy Sheindlin in three to four seasons. It’ll be impossible for Sheindlin to sustain another twenty-five years with any other network. Her lifespan doesn’t permit it.

Potential Shift to Amazon Prime

Most aren’t aware that Judy Sheindlin had secretly been conducting negotiations with multiple networks for her latest daytime court program. Internal sources suggest that Amazon outbid NBC & Hulu+ for “Judy Justice”, with Netflix opting out from negotiation with Sheindlin. Internal sources also indicate that after multiple seasons on IMBD TV, Sheindlin’s contract could be updated & her program could be ported to Amazon Prime. It’d see her popularity jump tenfold amongst younger audiences. Until that transfer-of-service is initiated, Judy Justice will be available in 2021 for free with IMBD TV. The official launch date isn’t available.