Keep in touch with your Clients using MailChimp

Being in the startup stage of your business time becomes limited, and MailChimp offers the ideal software to use for various automated marketing campaigns, newsletters and creating and managing your mailing lists to stay in touch with both new and existing customers. It is simple and easy to use and have a free option for small businesses. For up to 2,000 subscribers the service is free, and when your business grew beyond that, they are still charging an excellent rate. Therefore, many users remain with MailChimp long after their business became a success.

What is MailChimp?

MailChimp is one of the largest marketing automation platforms and email marketing services. They offer extreme ease of use and is a user-friendly application, which put them in the rankings at the top of their field.

Easy to Use

Being a business owner of a small business or startup, time is limited, and you are not necessarily a design expert. MailChimp is, therefore, an excellent solution to get you onto the road to success with email marketing. No need to know HTML, MailChimp is there to create amazing newsletters and marketing campaigns for you.

After you have registered, you can immediately start on your first campaign. With a large selection of templates available, users can customize it to fit their content and create something which is exactly like they have imagined. Schedules can be built in, to be sent at times, which have the most punching power with your clients. With MailChimp you can set-up your entire email campaign, you can make sure that with automated emails new subscribers can immediately be welcomed to your business to convert subscribers to clients, any time of day.

One of the advantages which MailChimp is well-known for is the fact that they do put a large amount of effort in fighting spam triggers. Regardless of how brilliantly structured your newsletter is, if it goes directly into your recipient’s spam box, it will never be opened. MailChimp is very successful in making sure that your efforts land at the correct destination to be seen.

MailChimp is excellent on the integration of different kinds of marketing software. If you have a variety of tools in your shed of electronic marketing and data collection, then you want someone like MailChimp to do the integration for you. This saves you time and ensures that no data get lost. Regular updates to their site deliver a constant cutting-edge solution to your challenges. It can, however, be daunting to keep up to date with all the changes if you are not a regular visitor to the site.

What is MailChimp not?

It is not intended to be used in affiliate marketing and fact; their policy prohibits it completely. Therefore, if affiliated marketing is the name of the game you are in, best is probably to steer clear from signing up to MailChimp. For any other mailing and marketing challenges, MailChimp is one you should research as a promising solution to your needs.