Keywords Best for Your Niche

Providing unique products or services that relate directly to the needs of your clients is a major plus point for marketing yourself. However, with the large online market, chances are many others provide a similar service, making it a competition to ranking the highest in the markets you’re targeting.

Regardless of how well you know the product or service you offer, chances are you won’t know the exact keywords or phrases your clients might use to find you. The fact is, with niche products and services, it’s actually harder to do keywords as it means it’s something specific and not something everyone might require. At the same time, due to the limited need, it makes it easier to target your clients, if you have the right keywords of course.

Research Tools for Keywords

The most important part of our Search Engine Optimization is the keywords you use. These are works of phrases that clients might enter into search engines such as Google to find a product or service they need. With some industries, these keywords become very specific, which are the exact one you want, especially if your services cover the need.

Once you know what your services are and what relates to it, use keyword tools to generate the most popular searches. Some of these might be strange and not make any sense as people tend to shorten phrases for better results. For example, instead of searching for “wallpapers of Pyramids in Egypt” they simply search “Egyptian Pyramid Wallpapers” or “Wallpapers Pyramids Egypt”.

With just the simple example above, you can already see many ways of searching are possible, but how do you know which is the most used? Well, that’s where tools come in as they tell you what people reach most relating to your professions. So, if you provide the best wallpapers, type in the keyword “wallpapers” into the tool and see what related searches are available and link directly to your product or services.

Use the Keywords Effectively

Now that you have the keywords, you need to add them to your website for your site to rank on search engines. It might seem as easy as simply adding the keywords in random positions all over the website, but you’ll actually need to pay attention to the way you use the keywords to rank better than your competition.

Use the keywords in headings, ensure they appear in text under that heading and ensure they are spaced well. Google and other search engines apply various tests that ensure high ranking sites provide better content and accurate information relating to the service and product.

It’s important to ensure your content is spaced well, reads easily isn’t stuffed with keywords and has enough information relating to the product or service. It’s also important to use more than one keyword as not everyone in need of your niche would use the same keywords. Be sure to use SEO checking tools that rate your content and tell you how to improve it even more for better ratings.