King Bach Becomes Pepsi Brand Ambassador

It’s conventional for advertising firms to elect celebrity personalities to highlight & promote new products. Firms haven’t selected the Hollywood Elite at high percentages in 2020, with the Covid-19 Pandemic eliminating opportunities to have actors & comedians on-set. Alterations to social distancing measures in countries like Abu Dhabi have permitted advertising firms to resume standard operations, with Andrew Bachelor being one of the first selected for a product marketing campaign.

King Bach (Andrew Bachelor) is famous amongst younger audiences, with his fame beginning on YouTube & transferring to various social media platforms. Andrew Bachelor is promoting virtual pizza parties for Panera Bread & Pepsi. King Bash’s advertisement has gone live on broadcasting channels like NBC, and various social media platforms like Instagram. Panera Bread & Pepsi are providing $50.00 E-Gift Cards for one thousand winners.

Panera Bread launched their “Flatbread Pizza” in December 2020, hoping to compete alongside formidable brands like Dominos or Papa Johns. Promotional gift cards require consumers to purchase Panera Bread’s latest product, with beverage options exclusive to Pepsi. This means that gift cards cannot be used for any other meals on Panera Bread’s menu.

The advertisement begins with King Bach informing viewers of his virtual party plans, what things are best to wear, and how to socialize in the virtual setting. Most witnessing the advertisement have questioned why Panera Bread would promote virtual dining & still have physical locations opened throughout America.

Regardless of the complaints, individuals wanting to partake in the virtual party must enter the competition. Engaging with the Twitter & Instagram hashtag sweepstakes is required. Consumers must tag @PaneraBread, @Pepsi, and enter the #PaneraPepsiSweepstakes. It’s known that the initial one hundred winners are being announced by December 20th. Another hundred will follow each day afterwards.

  • Panera Bread’s Latest Flatbreads Include:
  • The Cheese Flatbread Pizza.
  • The Margherita Flatbread Pizza.
  • The Chipotle, Chicken, and Bacon Flatbread Pizza.

It’s promised to consumers that selecting one of these Flatbread Pizzas will be a healthy & satisfying choice. Multiple sizes are permitted from Small to Large, allowing family and friends to enjoy the meal together.