McDonald’s 2020 Christmas Campaign

The holidays are weeks away, with North American & European teenagers beginning to favour their excitement for Christmas. Numerous retailers are targeting these children & teenagers, hoping to obtain profits from parents with requested gifts. Largescale products like the PlayStation5, iPhone 12, and Xbox Series are slated to dominate the market. Not every corporation is thrilled by the concept of children wanting virtual fun over physical entertainment, including McDonald’s. The McDonald’s Company has released a specialized Christmas campaign that targets children & teenagers, informing them to locate their inner child to find outdoor entertainment.

Unrealistic Commercial Advertising

This advertisement is formatted with Disney or Pixar-level animation, garnering attention from online & broadcast views. The animated ad was created by Leo Burnett & focuses on Tom, a young child that is struggling between being his former child or his expected teenage form. Viewers are introduced to his mother, who frantically works to hang decorations around their household & take her sold to the Christmas market. This mother finds her sound unresponsive to her efforts. It’s not until this mother & son walk closer towards McDonald’s that his mood begins improving, that he begins exploring his younger self.

The storyline of this advertisement is unlikely, and the turnaround to McDonald’s shows that product marketing is the primary purpose of their Christmas campaign. The storyline becomes unbelievable after Tom informs his mother that he’d like to give Santa “McDonald’s Reindeer Treats” under the Christmas tree.

Premiere Date

Viewers can witness the McDonald’s Christmas Campaign for 2020 on November 15th on the “I’m a Celebrity” show with ITV. The Vice-President of McDonald’s stated that his hope with this advertisement is that children will reignite their magical imaginations surrounding Christmas. However, the real purpose of all targeted commercials is profits & that’s no different from McDonald’s holiday campaign.

It should be clarified that this campaign is exclusively available in the United Kingdom, meaning Great Britain & Northern Ireland. Those wanting to witness the commercial internationally have YouTube available to themselves. McDonald’s is offering an array of different products during the holidays to entice consumers to enter their physical locations & order online. Why not start after this ad with your children?