Microsoft Implements Call Feature for Android Companion

The Microsoft Corporation announced new features for the Android Companion Application on Windows 10. This announcement confirmed that calling would be enabled going forward, a feature that allows consumers to engage with their contacts voice-to-voice. Before this update, consumers could only text their contacts via the Android Companion App. Considering that the Samsung Corporation actively promotes this application, millions of consumers worldwide have requested this feature for months.

This additional feature complements another service in the update that will allow consumers to also receive notifications from their Samsung or Android handset that inform them of any critical priorities that need to be attended to. This information was first unveiled at the Samsung Unpacked event, which was later confirmed via Microsoft’s Twitter account. However, it should be noted that the Android 7 Software or higher is required for mobile phones to be paired with Windows 10 PCs.

One Benefit for Multiple Negatives

This is one of the first announcements that the Microsoft Corporation has made in 2019 with positive reviews. This tech conglomerate faced significant backlash year-round, with each update released to Windows 10 becoming increasingly horrendous. After issues surrounding Bluetooth Connectivity, Internet Usage, and Battery Performance, the last update released in December ensured that all problems were solved. Shortly afterwards, Microsoft confirmed that a new build would be released to testers. Subsequently, another update will be released in the coming months. Considering that these testers are unpaid, the number of bugs will be lengthy.

The new build for Windows 10 is being called 19042. Dedicated testers have received early versions of the build, which have begun creating significant issues for their personal computers. Inside sources claim that these testers have experienced the destruction of their PC’s, with laptop batteries catching into flames and software being corrupted to the point of no return. Those testers experiencing standard issues couldn’t switch back to the previous 19041 builds, forcing them to continue deciphering through the bugs.

Windows Insiders have begun expressing their considerable disapproval towards Microsoft’s development studio, who have become lacklustre in recent years. Their persistence towards releasing unfinished update started with the implementation of Windows 10 and has seen more than 1 million PC users switch to the macOS. When Microsoft releases Windows 11, these issues cannot persist, or the software corporation could face annihilation.

Company Re-Branding

Software analysts anticipate that if Windows 11 becomes a considerable failure, Microsoft will be forced to re-brand itself as a corporation. Linux would become the primary software for personal computers, with Microsoft becoming primarily a video game manufacturer. This is purely speculation.