Microsoft Unveils 2020 Surface Products

The Surface Lineup has become infamous amongst dedicated supporters of the Microsoft Company. Business executives, Hollywood celebrities, and Technology enthusiasts have been requesting updated models with the Surface lineup for 12+ months. Microsoft has finally answered the call and released three updated versions in their lineup. This includes the Surface Go 2020, Surface Book 3, and Surface Buds. Below we’ve comprised minor reviews of each respective product.

Surface Go 2

Microsoft unveiled the 2nd Generation of the Surface Go, their entry-level tablet that can also be utilized like a laptop. Multiple enhancements have been made, with the PixelSense Display increasing from 10 Inches to 10.5”. Dual Studio Microphones have been implemented, enabling enhanced audio quality from the previous generation. Performances with the Surface Go 2 have improved by 64% with the 8th Gen Intel Core M3. Those wanting to purchase this updated model will require $399.00 for the Surface Go 2. Purchasing a keyboard cover will add $130.00 to the associated cost, with the Surface Pen costing $100.00 extra onto the total price. This means the maximum value with all accessories purchased will be $630.00 plus tax.

Surface Book 3

Microsoft’s most desired product for 2020 is the Surface Book Three. It’s a full laptop rivalling the iMac Air or Pro. Just like the Surface Go, it’s also a tablet that can detach itself from the keyboard cover. Premium materials are implemented to ensure more extended lifetime usage, which extends to the battery life, which ranges from 15 – 17 hours depending on the respective tasks. This is possible through the Dual Intel 10th Gen Processors, Nvidia GPU, and 32GB RAM. The 15” Display supports PixelSense technologies with 1080p Resolution. It should be mentioned that the Surface Book Three can be customized with enhanced internals and displays, meaning 4K is possible for an additional cost.

Surface Earbuds

Microsoft delayed designing a pair of wireless earbuds, believing that most supporters wouldn’t purchase this product. When the Surface Headphones sold beyond expectations, it prompted the creation of the Surface Earbuds. They’ll be released on May 12th and support 24+ hours of battery life. It’ll hold full integration with the Microsoft Ecosystem, ensuring that consumers have professional-grade experiences.