Mobile World Congress Losing Showcases to Coronavirus

The coronavirus has plagued multiple industries since being confirmed on December 31st, 2019. Events and Expos have been cancelled or affected in efforts to limit the spread of affection. The Mobile World Congress is the latest exposition to be affected by the coronavirus. It was confirmed today that LG Communication wouldn’t attend MWC 2020 in Barcelona, Spain. Considering that this conference is the world’s largest expo for mobile handset announcements, cancelling their annual show is a significant shock to supporters. Slated to begin on February 24th, multiple other companies are considering backing out of this conference or have already terminated their showcasing’s.

The Sony Corporation is expected to terminate their showcasing following the announcement that production rates were falling. Chinese, Vietnam and Japanese factories for Sony have experienced substantial decreases in employee attendance since the coronavirus broke out throughout China and Asia. Additional companies facing decreased employee attendance include Huawei, Samsung and the Apple Corporation. It should be noted that the World Health Organization confirmed that global citizens were in minimum danger to the exposed risk of the coronavirus. Individuals in China are susceptible, with everyone else having a 0.002% chance of obtaining the coronavirus.

Event organizers backed confirmation that attendees and corporations attending the Mobile World Congress weren’t at risk to exposure. Unfortunately, this hasn’t stopped LG Communications from pulling out. They quoted that the safety of their employees and the general public is more significant than attending MWC 2020 in Barcelona. Hundreds of employees and supporters of LG Communication won’t have to expose themselves to international travel. Since individuals purchased tickets for LG Communications showcase, PR Representatives confirmed that additional events would be held in the not-so-distant future. It should be noted that one confirmed case of the coronavirus is within Spain. That number could increase with MWC 2020, as many Asian Nationals are anticipated to attend this expo.

ZTE Cancels MWC Show

Representatives with the 2020 Mobile World Conference were disappointed that LG Communications backed out of their showcase. However, these same representatives praised ZTE Communications for cancelling their planned events at the expo. Located in China, employees with ZTE Communications could unknowingly spread the disease to thousands at this conference. However, it should be noted that ZTE Communications is still holding a booth with ten to fifteen employees. Considering that there are twenty-four thousand cases of the Coronavirus in China, it’s being recommended that attendees avoid this booth at all costs.