Most Important Website Features for 2019 – Part 1

Getting ahead of the competition to reach the highest rating on search engines has become the main reason for everything from keywords through to website content. Search engines such as Google has also updated over the years, moving websites in a different direction to get that all-impressive top rating.

While appearing at the top is essential, you also need to include the features and web site design that makes it attractive and easy to use for all your visitors. It would be pointless to get a massive number of visitors, only to find they leave after just a few seconds due to your design and limited information.

Below, we include some of the essential features for your website and the things you need to consider from the very moment you design the site. We have split this into two lists, making it easy to keep track and go through the steps for the best results.

Domain and Company Name

The domain and company names are the first things that will require your attention. The domain has to relate to either the company name or the services/products you offer. This will ensure that visitors remember your website and can find it easily when they want to return.

With so many websites, you might find it difficult to get the domain name of your choice as it might already be used or owned by someone else. If this is the case, get creative. Use a name that almost tells your clients what you’re all about with just the site name.

It is best to use a professional graphic designer and get your company name and logo done in a way that stands out. It is recommended to send the sport to a designer as soon as possible, allowing them to create something unusual while you start building the website. Be sure to keep a spot open for the logo at the top of your site, allowing visitors to see your logo and associate your services with it instantly.

Search Bars and Menu

Once you have visitors on your website, it is essential to give them the advantage of navigating to the products or services they require. This can be achieved with both a search bar and professional menu, but there are a few things to consider with these options.

The search bar needs to be optimised and provide suggestions as your visitor types in what they could need. The keywords you use on your service pages would also play an important role when it comes to finding what they need.

The menu can a that appear on the left-hand side or at the top. It needs to include detailed categories of your website. Try to keep this to a minimum, not only to keep your needs but also for visitors easily see all the options. Instead of adding too many menus, use drop down folders under the categories that let your visitors hover and choose sub-categories.