Most Important Website Features for 2019 – Part 2

Last week we looked at a few of the most important design features of a website, including the company logo, name, menus and also the search bar.

While the features mentioned above are essential. There are a lot more to websites that will give you the edge when it comes to visitors and attracting more people to your site. Below, we look at even more excellent options that could help your visitors find their way around and get more information about the services or products you provide.

Descriptions and CTA

The most critical description would be on your home page, giving visitors an insight as to what you do or what the site is there for. It is also a great idea to add the descriptions to other pages, giving visitors a quick breakdown of what they can expect to see on the page below. These descriptive games have to be long but should be to-the-point. Offering readers some details and even links to the most popular products as they might be visiting for a specific reason.

That brings us to the next important mission to just about every page on your website, called a CTA (Call to Action) button or option. This can range from adding items to the shopping cart through to get in touch with you for whatever reason. It would all depend on the focus of the page and the web sites that would determine what the CTAs are for. It is also a great idea to add a bookmark CTA. Which doesn’t only remind your visitors to save your website, but also makes it easy for them.

Subscribe and Live Chat

The e-mail subscription option remains a popular choice for just about any type of website. However, it is essential to think about the setup of the subscription as not everyone would want to know about every product you provide.

Therefore, it is a great idea to add categories to your subscription platform, allowing visitors to choose the category of your website they want to know more about. Not only can you provide specific information directly to interested clients, but you can also keep track of the most popular sections of the website.

Support is essential for any website as some would visit and not have the time to look around but would instead get in touch with someone and ask if a specific product is available. Therefore, adding live chat certainly boosts your website as clients can get in touch instantly. Sure, you might not be at your computer 24 hours a day but keep your site up to date with times. Use a live chat feature that allows visitors to leave a message when you’re not available.

If you are on the move regularly, choose a live chat platform that can push notifications to your mobile device. Allowing you to communicate with clients, no matter where you are.