Moto G Stylus Releasing on April 16th

The Motorola Corporation announced that they’d be releasing their latest budget phone amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic. Technology analysts were shocked to learn that the “Moto G Stylus” and “Moto G Power” will be available for purchase by April 16th. This follows after significant declines in smartphone sales have been seen worldwide. New devices like the Samsung S20 have sold below expectations, with sales already being provided through telecommunication providers. These analysts anticipate that minimal sales will be seen for Motorola with their recent lineup of smartphones.

Those considering purchasing one of these handsets are presented with two defining the options. The 1st is with the Moto G Stylus, which is meant to combat against the Samsung Galaxy Note 10. Consumers are provided with a Stylus to assist with writing notes or interacting with the handset. Those selecting the Moto G Power receive a significant boost in battery capabilities, with 5000mAh listed. That’ll provide upwards of two days of power with a single charge.

Handset Details

There are minimal differences between the two handsets, with both supporting the latest rendition of Android Ten. Charging this device won’t take long with USB-C Supported, meaning the G Power can charge 5000mAh in less than two hours. Both handsets provide a 3.5mm Headphone Jack, which has continually been less available to consumers. There’s also a Hole-Punch Front Display Camera with minimal bezels around both handsets. Consumers requiring additional storage can access the MicroSD Slot, which supports a maximum of 512gb. Those purchasing these handsets receive all these capabilities for $250.00 to $300.00.

Both the Motorola G Stylus & G Power will be sold unlocked to American Consumers. It’ll work with every carrier in the United States and will be available for purchase through the Verizon Online Store. This extends towards Republic Wireless and Google Fi, with few notable retailers carrying this Mid-Range Handset on store shelves. Low-scale retailers are enabling these devices to be sold on store shelves. Those include Consumer Cellular, US Cellular, Ting and Metro.

Smartphone analysts are anticipating that sales on both these handsets will be low. This follows after the COVID-19 Pandemic has forced the United States into a national lockdown. Social distancing measures and closures on non-essential retailers will force limited access to the G Stylus or Power.