M&S isn’t Releasing a Christmas TV Ad Campaign for 2020

Christmas advertisements are changing during the Covid Era. Advertisers are aware that large percentages of the family won’t be permitted to attend their traditional festivities & won’t risk creating commercial campaigns that indicate time with family. Those moving forward with their Christmas advertisements will focus on digital marketing, informing customers how gifts can be purchased & delivered to family without exposure to the virus. However, multiple corporations have determined that creating Christmas advertising campaigns would negatively benefit sales. One company taking this mindset is Mark & Spencer’s, a prominent retailer throughout the United Kingdom.

An investor meeting was sustained at Mark & Spencer’s with Chief Executive Officer Steve Rowe. Managing Director Richard Price and Chief Strategist Kate Bickerstaffe were also present. The three executives informed investors that advertising campaigns are being restructured & focusing on digital sales. Targeted ads will be accomplished via social media, starting in December. However, investors were also informed that a Christmas advertising campaign wouldn’t be sustained in 2020 with broadcasters. That means its Christmas advertisements will likely focus on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

It marks the first change in Mark & Spencer’s advertising campaigns in decades, which follows after profits dropped by 15.8% in 2020. Profits haven’t fallen for M&S in nine decades, showing investors & executives that an immediate change in corporate structuring is required. Clothing collections from Mark & Spencer’s will now be released first to social media, with a minimal possibility of being advertised via television broadcasters.

Advertisement Spending Drops by 14.5%

Retailers in the United Kingdom have changed their mindset of advertising following Brexit & the coronavirus pandemic. Multiple companies have announced they’ll be eliminating their Christmas advertising for 2020, dropping “Retail Ad Spending” by 10.5%. Broadcasts are expected to lose somewhere between £725 to £750 Million from the marginal drop.

These analytic predictions from the “World Advertising Research Centre”. Their figures are known for maintaining accuracy, prompting broadcasts to begin long-term preparations for financial fallouts. It should be noted that largescale corporations like Coca-Cola, Apple, Pepsi, and Samsung are still expected to release Holiday or Christmas-themed advertising campaigns for 2020.