Necessity of Correct Search Engine Marketing

SEO’s are in place to make your website easily available to users and search engines. Search engines are sophisticated and understand the website in a completely different way to humans, and SEO optimisation helps the engines to categorise the web page according to what it is about and how it could benefit users or how they search for it.

SEO Related Argument

Many and these are normally website owners irritated by the way SEO optimisation takes place often argue that no smart engineer could or would build a search engine that requires some of the principles and rules that indexes or ranks websites according to how it works now.

Search engines are machines or robots, and while an image of a dog would be described by humans as a Labrador, medium sized dog, or a black dog, the search engine struggles to understand the photo and is not near the sophistication level of humans. The real problem is how can anyone get a search engine to understand content and if that is possible how do you get it to understand an image, well a photograph. Webmasters, fortunately, are allowed via SEO to provide the engines with clues on how to understand the content. The proper structure allows the proper format, guild and annotation of the web content to be digested by the search engine in a proper way.

Websites are Invisible to Search Engines without Proper SEOs

Most of the search engines operate on the very same principles, they accomplish modern searches via massive databases, and there are still several limitations that could cause technical limitations and these cause indexing and crawling problems.

Poor Links

Poor link structures are often the cause of problems. This is when a websites link structure is not logical or at all understandable to the search engine/s. It could be that they do not reach some of all of the websites content and therefore provide the minimal exposure that is unimportant to the index of the engine. One of the most common problems is blocked in the code. This is caused when there is a problem in the websites directives also referred to as robot text, which in most cases lead to the blocking of the entire website.

The search engines are getting better in understanding non-HTML text, which includes plug-n content, audio, photos, videos, images and Flash files. What also could negatively count against your website is using uncommon text terms, if most people search online for refrigerators and you used the words food cooling units, search engines would not send those looking for refrigerators to your website, as the words have nothing to do with each other. SEO is all about getting the terms perfect, which means the text is search engine friendly, correct and it covers the correct keywords, words online users would type into the search engine once they start looking for specific items.